Sunday, 1 December 2019

November 2019 Portfolio Review

For November 2019, another 59 units of NikkoAM STI ETF (SGX:G3B) was purchased at a price of $3.3606. 


Switching over to FSMone:

One major change to my regular savings plan (RSP) is that I have decided to move it over to FSMone.

FSMone recently released their ETF RSP where commission rates are at only 0.08%, subject to the minimum amount for the various exchanges at S$1, HK$5 or US$1 respectively.

This makes it more worth it for me to purchase the ETF through FSMone. Also, since both POSB invest saver and FSMone will hold my ETF under a custodian account this means that comparing the lower commission rate, FSMone will be a better choice.

Another point is that I can purchase SPDR STI ETF (SGX:ES3) and also much more other selection of ETFs, both local and overseas rather than only NikkoAM STI ETF (SGX:G3B) through POSB invest-saver.

Of course, switching over means that I will need to set up a standing instruction for the amount to be deducted into my cash accoount in FSMone as it will not be auto-deducted from my account. But once, it is set up, it should be automated and that's why I prefer having a RSP.

I haven't had any deduction yet and the coming one will be on 8 Dec 2019 so I shall see what price it would be purchased at.

Will be having a separate write-up on it!


$15 was received from SGX in November 2019. The run up in SGX has made my portfolio look better as I purchased it at $7.22 and the current price is $8.85.

I am glad that my dividends has doubled since 2018, if I can keep it up next year, that will be great!

December will be quite a good month for dividends as Tai Sin Electric and First REIT will be giving out dividends. Great way to end the year especially when it's Christmas and there is lots of gift giving.

Monday, 11 November 2019

Cleaning up my resume + how much am I asking for my new pay

I have started my job search and I have applied to 2 jobs that are quite similar to my current job. My resume hasn't been updated and so before I applied for any, I had to clean up my resume a little.

To be honest, the layout of my resume looks kinda childish. I try to keep my resume to one page to allow easy access for the interviewer and also because I am still at an entry level so my job scope really doesn't allow me to elaborate much.

I have seen many resume and they are all wordy with work experiences and job scope. I was thinking of what style to go for my resume. Currently, I am using a really simple template where my job and education is on the left side and my outside activities and interest on the right.

For the 2 jobs that I have applied for, I have asked for a 20% increase from my current pay. Comparing my current salary to the median salary for fresh graduates in Singapore (~$3500), I am actually earning much lower than that.

Even if I do get the 20% increase, I would still be earning lower than the median salary for fresh graduates.

Of course, my main aim for the new job is that I want a permanent job and best if they can match or offer me a higher pay.

Being a contract worker really worries me every time we are nearing the end as I need to see if my boss still has headcount and whether or not I will be extended.

But for me, I believe that you need to be in good spirits for an interview as the interviewers can really feel your energy and if you appear to be in bad spirits, it does affect the whole interview in some way.

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I am hoping to hear some news soon although they have mentioned that the processing time would be more than 2 weeks but I do hope to be at least selected for the interview. In the meantime, I will just do my best at my current place and enjoy what's left of 2019!