Monday, 10 August 2020

Why I bought Tesla and some information on Tesla

Should you buy Tesla now? To be honest I bought Tesla because everyone else was buying it. I didn’t do any research beforehand and I bought it at about $980. So I currently have 1 stock of Tesla. I know that currently Tesla has surge so much but definitely can dropped as much as it is a risky stock where some people are buying it cos of the hype. 

In this video, I explore a bit on Tesla and their business. I understand that they are still a company that is innovating and growing rapidly. If they can continue their growth and innovation, I know that they can definitely hit much higher performance. Elon Musk is definitely someone who is so curious and wants to improve the world with technology and believes that the world can be a better place. 

 With the Tesla short shorts, things are also interesting in a way as people who are thinking that Tesla won’t go far are usually proven wrong by Elon. It is interesting and definitely there is a lot of potential in Tesla. 

Sunday, 9 August 2020

Happy 55th Birthday, Singapore!

Happy Birthday Singapore! This year's national day celebration is unique in that the huge displays of lights, participants and performances are mellowed down to prevent crowding. 

The atmosphere and emotions are also not high as we all know that the current situation that Singapore is in is not something to be happy or celebrated but celebration of national day has always been around and this year, celebrations have been dispersed into the heartlands for people all around Singapore to experience. 

For me, I love celebrating national day as I am proud of Singapore and the achievements we have been through. Wearing red and seeing others wearing it too symbolises us as one people gathering to celebrate the nation's birthday. 

Today, my family and I got up early to watch the morning show and then hitting the streets to watch the mobile column zoom past as we thank and wave to the army and front line workers. 


It is a really great idea for them to drive to the heartlands and for the Red Lions to parachute near Ng Teng Fong and Sengkang hospital. 

Looking forward to the night show later on, though the celebration has been downplayed to prevent huge masses gathering, I am sure deep down, we are proud of how far we have come and know that the journey ahead will not be easy as well. 

Its been a tough year and even tougher time ahead, many thanks to the front line workers and continue taking care of yourself both physically and mentally!