Tuesday 5 September 2017

Investing in STI ETF

I started reading local financial blogs and many of them have recommended the STI ETF as a good starting platform for investing passively. There are two platforms to invest in the STI ETF whereby the first is through a RSP with POSB, OCBC, MAYBANK or POEMS the other is through CDP and you can directly buy the lots. I was pretty clueless about the CDP way so I went with POSB invest saver.

I started POSB saver at around October 2016, I started investing around $100 each month. I was glad to have started during Oct 2016 although I wished I had started earlier. I saw the price increase from 2.80 to about 3.30 and it started making sense to me. The technique of dollar cost averaging.

I think it was a really good first step for me as i could see the accumulation happening and that dividends were also paid. But its definitely for the long term!