Friday 29 June 2018

Dividends collected so far in 2018

I saw SleepyDevil's review of his FY2018 Q2 dividends update. So why not I do one too for the first half of 2018 since I haven't done any record of my dividends. It feel just awhile ago when I just wrote New Year wishes and time sure flies, it's already almost the end of June and I would like to do a collation of dividends received so far as a record. I have collected dividends from:

1. Nikko AM STI ETF
2. First REIT
4. Tai Sin Electric

Nikko AM STI ETF was purchased using my POSB invest saver account when I was completely not sure if I was going to create a CDP account for investing. It was the most direct and easy way of starting so I bought them at a reasonable price and stopped once I had my CDP account. I received $18.83 in January 2018.

First REIT has got to be the one that provides substantial dividends to my pocket and I love it. I like the industry that it is in and looking at its current price, I would accumulate more if I have enough funds. I received $21.50 in February and $21.50 in May 2018.

SPDR STI ETF was bought after I read up more and I realised that besides the Nikko AM STI ETF that tracks the Straits Times Index (STI), SPDR STI ETF also does and has less tracking error. I am just leaving the Nikko AM STI ETF in my POSB invest saver account and for now, I would buy SPDR STI ETF instead of Nikko AM. I received $10.60 in February 2018.

Tai Sin Electric which I got around end 2017 has dropped significantly and I am glad there is dividends given to make me not feel so affected. I received $17.25 in March 2018.

Total dividends collected for 1st half of 2018: $89.68

Upcoming dividends would be Nikko AM STI ETF ($15.86) and Singtel ($53.50) which I have just recently added to my portfolio. Looking at the current Singtel stock price, my hands feel so itchy to get more but it is already a huge proportion of my portfolio and I believe that there are other better stocks that I can buy. So I will control myself right now and also because I do not have much of my war chest left. Hoping to increase my portfolio size and build up on my dividends. The weather has been cold lately so take care!