Sunday 3 June 2018

Portfolio updates (MAY 2018): 2 buy transactions

For the month of May, I made two buy transactions. The first was Singtel which increased my current holdings and I also bought SGX. My entry price for the first buy transaction was Singtel @ $3.32 while SGX was purchased @ $7.25 as of now, both Singtel and SGX has gone lower, with Singtel dropping to $3.25 and SGX to $7.23

Current portfolio as at 1st June 2018:

Portfolio. Closed prices on 1st of June 2018
Performance of portfolio

My portfolio in the first half of 2018 definitely has not performed as well as I want. This is due mainly to Design Studio (SGX:D11) and Tai Sin Electric (SGX: 500). Ever since Design Studio releases a statement about the profit guidance where the 4th quarter of 2017, there were significant losses involved. Tai Sin Electric on the other hand had a decline in profits. These are one of the few reasons that have caused the drop in prices.

My portfolio cost is $7477.77 but the current value is at $7043.80, this equates a loss of $433.97 without the collected dividends. Hopefully in the 2nd half of the 2018, my portfolio can improve in its performance.

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