Sunday 30 June 2019

June 2019 portfolio updates + Far East Orchard (O10) bought

For June 2019, with the regular savings plan with POSB invest saver, another 59 units of Nikko AM STI ETF (SGX:G3B) were added to my portfolio at a cost of $3.3395 per unit.

Purchase for the month:

Also, this month I added Far East Orchard (SGX:O10) into my portfolio. I bought in at a price of $1.18 and 800 units were purchased.

I have actually been eyeing Far East Orchard for some time now. Far East Orchard Limited is a property developer and a hospitality owner and operator.

Their business is split into 5 main categories, namely, hospitality, property development, healthcare, student accommodation and investment holdings.

Far East Orchard has 33% share holdings of REIT Manager and Trustee Manager of Far East Hospitality Trust which I also hold in my portfolio.

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I like Far East Orchard as it has healthcare, student accommodations and also hospitality properties. These all are not just in Singapore but in UK and Australia as well.


For the month of June, I have received dividends from Amara - $2 and from Far East Hospitality Trust - $16.38.

Looking forward to July as Singtel would be giving out their dividend which is quite a substantial amount and also Nikko AM STI ETF.