Sunday 23 June 2019

Friendship should be build on the future and not the past

Recently I talked to colleague and she told me that she feels that friendships should be build on events like the future and current and not so much on the past.

Like the things that you share and talk about when you meet up should be more of updating your current status and also what your future plans are.

She finds that friendships where the past is always being brought up is not the way it should be.

To be honest, I do agree with her to a certain extent.

For example, my polytechnic friends, every time we meet, we always use the past as the main topic and to be honest, I feel like its a repeat but I do know that its either because everyone's life is no longer as interconnected as before and sharing our current life and future might seem boring or might be too much.

Of course, it's always nice to keep up with what my friends are doing and whether they are enjoying their current state or if they would like to have any changes to it.

So I do agree with my colleague that when I meet up with my friends, we should share more on what we are up to.

She also told me that because for her, she joined her group of friends at a later time and every time they talk about their old memories, she finds it hard to relate.

I believe that as we all grow up and enter a different phase of our lives, we all change to a certain extent and updating those around us can allow them to also share and be comfortable around us.

So I will be sharing much more of my current life and plans to my friends the next time we meet:) 😆


  1. This makes sense and shed so much light! Thanks for sharing

  2. Bringing up the past is to invoke feelings of nostalgia and the experiences shared amongst the group, thus reinforcing the camaraderie felt during those times. To strike a balance, it is good to pepper some past, current and future in a gathering session to keep it fresh and reminiscent the "good old days" at the same time.