About Me

I am your normal 9-5 office worker getting a monthly paycheck. I hope to be able to grow my money and see the power of compound interest. Hence, I started investing in 2016/2017.

I realized that by just saving, it was very difficult to achieve my financial goals hence i read up on investing and found out more about investing especially about how starting young would allow my money to grow at a compounded rate.

My current investment strategy is to pick companies with good dividends payout and to hold them for long-term (10 years) and use the dividends earned to re-invest. Though my strategy might change along the way as I learn.

I am aiming to reach a stage where my dividends can reach a substantial amount for my daily necessities.

I hope to be able to have sufficient cash and investment to do what I want.

I will be tracking my progress using this blog and also my own personal experiences on this journey towards financial freedom.

My current goal is to increase my savings rate and to add them onto my investments and allow compound interest to take place.

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  1. Glad to know about you. I really appreciate your investment strategy. I think it is one of the best trading strategy for any trader. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Actually building up a cash stockpile is also important to enter market when assets are cheap.

    1. Yes, definitely! But building it up takes time especially when my income is not high. But having my emergency funds set aside means that I can slowly increase my war chest as well.

  3. Hi SGinvestment-lady. Wonderful to see someone starting out young. Look forward to you continuing in this journey and sharing your stories with us.


    1. Hi BmD, thank you! I am also excited for what's to come and hope to be able to share as much as I can with all of you :)

  4. Hi there SG Investment Lady,

    We should be around the same age so it's really interesting to read about my peer's experience from a different perspective! Keep blogging, I have been a keen reader and will remain so.

    ps. we do share the same investment outlook too :)


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