Goals for the Future

Let’s go! 2022 | Financial Goals (Current financial goals for 2022)
My Goals for 2021 | Money and everything else (Achieved reaching the investment value of the portfolio but felt short in terms of dividends payout including health goals. Income goals were attained as well as I entered a new job in 2021)
My Financial Goals in my 20s by Age (Achieved due to the bombastic performance of stock and crypto markets)

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  1. Hi,

    Follow your gut feel and ignore the comments by others.

    This is your life and you do not need others' approval for such decisions.


  2. Not a lot of young folks are actively thinking about personal finance so this is a great initiative.
    Hope you exceed your goals!

  3. Inspiring, I shared your blog eoth my children. keep trying. I started with $1K salary per month and teach my big goal at 48YO after 25 years. Still trying to hit my next milestone...

    1. Thank you for sharing, hope we hit all our milestones as time passes!

  4. I am trying to hit my first 100k as well, good luck :)

  5. This page for sure needs an update. :) FTX is no more. Long lived effective altruism, though.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, I have updated the links. Appreciate it.