Goals for the Future

Current Situation:
  • Total asset at $12 000
    Here is my rough plan, after listing it all out, I have realized that to reach $100 000 in 7 years time will really not be so easy. Total includes current asset of $12 000.

    In 7 years time, where I would be 30 years old (It will be a great gift as I enter my thirties, if I am able to achieve it), I hope to:

    • Reach $100 000 in total assets (cash savings and stock holdings)

    Of course, the goals I have set for myself could be easily attainable by some or might seem ridiculous to others but I think it serves as a guideline for me to work about it every month. I haven't started work yet as my semester ends on October. I am currently in the process of trying to clinch one and once I do, an estimation of how I can achieve the $100 000 and how long it will take me would be much clearer.


    1. Hi,

      Follow your gut feel and ignore the comments by others.

      This is your life and you do not need others' approval for such decisions.


    2. Not a lot of young folks are actively thinking about personal finance so this is a great initiative.
      Hope you exceed your goals!

    3. Inspiring, I shared your blog eoth my children. keep trying. I started with $1K salary per month and teach my big goal at 48YO after 25 years. Still trying to hit my next milestone...

    4. I am trying to hit my first 100k as well, good luck :)