Sunday 25 March 2018

Total Current Assets - Breaking $10 000

Since starting investing last year, I have realized the importance of tracking whether its the stock holdings that you have or savings that you are keeping. So today, I have decided to have a post that will show my stock holdings and current cash holdings too.

Considering that it is going to be quite awhile before I am able to draw my CPF, I will not be including it in my current calculation. So I will be including my stock holdings and cash holdings.

*Stock Holdings: 

Allocation of Stock Holdings

As you can see in my portfolio, I am currently holding 7 stocks. The proportions are pretty equal as I try to spend around the same amount for each except for maybe Amara, which was what I bought into when I just started investing so I only bought a small proportion of it. Design studio is the next smallest due to the recent profit guidance that was released making it's share prices plummet. Overall, I think I will be stopping at 7 stocks and like what I have wrote in my previous post, I will be investing more into the STI ETF so I have been building up my cash holdings. Total value of my portfolio now stands at $5935.94 and my current cost is $6078.912, in the red right now without including my dividends. Hoping to definitely build this up over time

Current Cost and Value of Stock portfolio

*Cash Holdings:

For most of my cash holdings, I put them in a CIMB FastSaver Account earning 1% per annum and I also placed some in Singapore Savings Bond - Dec 2017. The rates for the SSB -Dec 2017 which i have placed $2000 in would have an effective return of 2.16% if I were to hold it for 10 years. I also have a POSB and UOB aacount but both has only a little above the minimum sum as I just keep them as spending and Giro accounts to pay my bills.

Effective Return for SBDEC17
I currently have $2000 in SSB and approximately $5000 in my CIMB Fastsaver. Of course, if I do see any good chance to deploy my cash on hand, I would use from the CIMB account and redeem the SSB if needed but currently, I don't see any need for that yet.

Cash on Hand

As of now, my total current cash and stocks value are standing at $19014.85. I have managed to earned this amount from part-time work, internships and angbaos. So i definitely hope to increase it in the near future like maybe to move to a saving account that can provide me with higher interest rates. 

Today is 23th Mar 2018, the market has been reacting to the news of Donald Trump waging a trade war against China and wow, it hasn't been good, my portfolio has gone into the red. When the market opens again on Monday, 25th Mar, it will be interesting to see how it goes.

*Accurate as of 18/03/2018