Sunday 4 March 2018

Feb 2018 Portfolio Update and Transaction

February hasn't really been a good month for my portfolio due to one particular stock in it which I didn't get to let it on time and the price has dived down due to an announcement of profit guidance. This stock is design studio as I have mentioned it in my previous post.

For the month of February, I added a counter to my portfolio, Singtel (SGX:Z74). I purchased it at a price of $3.53 on 1st Feb. Together with commission, the average was $3.547.
For the next few months, there won't be much movement on my portfolio as I am planning to build up my cash on hand before making purchases. In the meantime, I will still be on the lookout and if any opportunities, I might deploy some cash.

In this month, its the first time I am in red due to the drop of design studio, first time where the value of my portfolio is lower than it's cost. Timing matters and I have been able to witness that a drop in prices can happen swiftly and drastically. I have decided to read up more on stop loss and position sizing.

For the month of March and April, I have quite a few assignments in school to be completed and stress is building up, for example this coming week will consist of a 20% short answer quiz and a presentation on Thursday worth 30% followed by an essay the following week. Whew! Can't wait for it to be over especially this coming week. Wish me luck as I do have some fear of presentations where I would shiver with a shaky voice. In the meantime, HAPPY MARCH AS IT IS ALSO THE MONTH OF MY BIRTHDAY! HECTIC MONTH!


  1. Hi SGInvestmentLady,

    Firstly, happy advance birthday to you :)
    And welcome on board SingTel!

    I believe that you'll do well in your upcoming exams and presentation, all the best :)

    1. Hi Sleepydevil,

      Thanks for the advance wishes and yup, hopefully I’ll do well. Thank you!

  2. Hello,

    Always great to see another blogger who is still studying while investing! All the best for mid terms!


  3. Hi CupcakedCrusader,

    I just saw that we are one year apart in age! Will be adding you to my blog list and am excited to read through your posts once I’m done with all my assignments!