Sunday 25 November 2018

Updates on my first week at my new job - Expenses, Colleagues and Environment

So I have just concluded my first week of work and I got to say that it is much more demanding than school. School allows you to set your own targets and to achieve them but work is a little different in that the targets are set by your bosses and it's up to you to achieve it (not knowing your boss expects what kinda standard) HAHA.


I have realised that doing overtime is considered normal in the company I am working in. My colleagues tend to OT till about quite late and currently my workload is okay but starting next week, it will significantly increase due to another colleague being on sick leave.


My colleague are very different from my previous workplace (OBVIOUSLY). My current colleagues tend to be more superficial and office politics are kinda showing up after a week.

When I first got in, I thought everything was nice but after a week, I realised that there is constant gossiping and that nicknames are given to colleagues and I might just have one and not know.

I am relatively quiet so I do not really mix that well with them, I am also considering to go for lunch alone in the near future.


My expenses have been high this week due to my colleagues liking to go to restaurants and fast food which I find unnecessary. Only one day did we have cai fan, which is my usual in my previous workplace.

Currently, I would still join them for lunch because I find it a good way to communicate. Transport on the other hand have reduced because I stay relatively near my work place and I take the shuttle bus that is provided to get to the company.


I think I am still not so used to the 9-5 lifestyle and work life really kinda drains you out. I now understand why some choose passive investing instead of active investing. Weekends are now mainly spent with my mum and also to have some time to myself.

Hopefully, I will be able to adjust and learn the things quickly and get used to the working pace. The year is also coming to an end soon and festive season will be coming!

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  1. Hi,

    I had been in similar circumstance in my almost 18 years corporate career. If you feel that it is not worthwhile lunching at the cosy restaurants, lunch alone and there is no need to please your colleagues by accompanying them. Stay humble and low profile at work. You will gel well in the new workplace.


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