Sunday 4 November 2018

Gotten a new job but it's a contract job - Are contract jobs inferior to full-time jobs?

I have recently landed myself a job which I would start around the second week of November. It is a HR executive position with a bank however it is a contract position.

I have realised that most people wouldn't want a contract job, for example, my mum was pretty opposed against me taking up a contract job. She felt that there is no job stability and that the benefits of a contract worker is definitely not as good as a full-time permanent staff.

Well, I do agree with her on those 2 points. A contract job definitely wasn't on my mind when I was on a job lookout. Because usually contract jobs are involved with administrative tasks where the job roles will not be involved in crucial tasks as they employed you for only a short period of time.

This was also one of my considerations as well when I was considering whether or not to take up the contract job or not.

However, because I only have one HR internship during my time in school so it was pretty tough getting a full time job as most wanted someone with experience.

Are contract jobs really considered inferior to full-time permanent jobs? Like when interviewers looks at a resume, is a contract position less experienced?

But I have decided to take the offer of the contract job as it is a rather reputable company and the pay is rather okay, not high or particularly attractive but it's acceptable.

Of course, I am hoping to save as much as I can from this job and give my mum allowances per month as well. So, some planning would be required on my side to see how my salary would be split. 

Definitely, before my contract ends next year, I would be on the lookout for a full time job and hopefully I'll be able to get one.

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  1. Even though contract positions are the norm these days, the truth is that an future employer will stoll judge you when you are a contract staff.They will think is it because you are not capable enough to land a perm position. But then again, i think it is okie if you are young and just stepping out into the workforce.

    1. Yup, I’ll need to push myself towards getting a full-time job to allow progression and full benefits. Thank you

  2. Hi,

    It is good to start out somewhere and gain relevant job experience and knowledge so that you are in a position to negotiate for a full time position.

    Nonetheless, if your bank has no plans to convert you to a full time staff, you should diversify your risk and continue looking for full time positions. All the best and good luck!

    1. Thanks for the advice! All the best and good luck to you too:)