Sunday 11 November 2018

Smaller Social Circle of Friends As you Grow Older?

My brother flew overseas for his studies and my mum went along as well. So, I was alone at home for about 2 weeks recently. It's not my first time being all alone at home but definitely, one of the few times.

Of course, the first few days were great, watching all the dramas online and eating whatever I wanted. But slowly, I found myself getting a little too lazy and also, frequently skipping meals as I was lazy to prepare or to go down to get food.

I went out for dinners about 2 times with my polytechnic friends and another secondary school friend.

So throughout the 2 weeks, I also went to my grandma's place for dinner but it made me realized just how lonely I would be without my mum and brother around. My friends, we do go out and have meals but they are busy as well with work or studies.

It was kinda different, the feeling you get when you are home alone and you realised that you wanna go out for a movie or have a meal but not being able to call someone cos they might be busy or something. I mean I do meet my uni friends everyday but outside of school, we don't really make an extra to meet up as we all stay pretty spread out in Singapore.

But of course, there are good points of having a smaller social circle of friends, first being that you cherish the time spent together with your existing friends so much more.

Second being that you can save so much more money. HAHA.

Maybe this is a process of growing up or maybe I just don't have much friends to begin with. But I have to say that I will need to make more effort to know more people and increase my social circle.

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  1. For me, i do realise my social circle getting smaller too as I got older..

  2. Until we become senior citizen; then we can go senior citizen corner or senior citizen hot spots and most of time there are senior citizens there. LOL!

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  4. Hi,

    I have the same sentiments. This is applicable in which all the friends are getting married and cannot afford the time for the gathering. I like being alone and go about doing the things which I like to do. There is less social gathering as I age. Though I have one or two monthly small gatherings at time, it is for the like-minded confidentales who share the same demographic style as me.

    The gist is to be happy with the prevailing circumstance.