Sunday 18 November 2018

Is the grass always greener on the other side - Malaysians working in Singapore

I went to JB with my friends recently and in Johor Bahru City Square, I saw posters of recruitment for F&B outlets as well as retail. They were mostly offering RM 1200 to 1800. It is then no surprise why most Malaysians are willing to come over to Singapore to work instead but with Singapore's high cost of living, is it worth the travel?


Transport can be taxing on those who travel back to Malaysia every single day. The time spent is one thing but the journey really drains you out.

I have been to JB a few times on bus and from Singapore to Singapore customs then to another bus to Malaysia customs, it can be so draining and much more worse if there is a long queue.

However, some will choose to rent in Singapore and maybe go back only during the weekends or holidays

Attitude towards work

For many Malaysians who choose to come over to Singapore to work are very hardworking and most of them nowadays are going into professional industries like accounts, auditing and IT.

Even though they might have to start out with a lower pay, they are willing to work so much harder than most Singaporeans and I think that that is very admirable. 

The motivation to earn more and be able to change their life or be able to go back to Malaysia to retire can spur them on greatly.

Recently, I do find myself to be out of motivation ever since I ended my exams. Like I don't really know what I am going to do in my life. I am feeling pretty lost in y direction of life. I will be starting work tomorrow. Hoping everything goes well on the first week:)

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