Monday 11 June 2018

Trump-Kim Summit

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9th June 2018

Over the past few days, the hype about the Trump-Kim summit has been building up. News of it being published and even shop owners and fast food chains are trying to ride on that hype. KFC has released a special four peace meal available only in Sentosa and it can be only served to Trump and Kim. It's good publicity, putting KFC into everyone's head when you think of the summit or fried chicken.

Many Trump-Kim inspired dishes have also popped up over this period of time. One is a Trump-Kim Chi Nasi Lemak from Harmony Nasi Lemak. The dish has brought a 10% increase in business for them proving once again that riding the hype works in Singapore. Marketing done right.

Royal Plaza on Scotts also released a Trump-Kim burger and is offering it free on the 12 of June at 12pm and 6pm. All these ideas of using this historic event as a marketing strategy is creative and even impersonators of Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump are in town to have a meet-and-greet session.

The Trump-Kim Summit has really created lots of business opportunities and if marketing is done right, businesses can use that to promote their food. And maybe I should start looking out for which celebrity I look like to impersonate and earn some side income, haha!

11th June 2018

Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump have both arrived in Singapore. It's amazing seeing such a historic moment taking place in Singapore and media outlets from around the world to cover this event. Kim Jong Un has already met Lee Hsien Loong today and had a nice handshake. My brother showed me this image of BBC reporting Singapore as the island of Sentosa and that Shangri-la and St. Regis is also on Sentosa. Hoping that people who come here wouldn't get lost due to that wrong reporting.

Next up, today would be the meeting between Trump and LHL. and then on June 12 would be the summit happening. Would you be watching it live? I definitely would be doing so!

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  1. Looking forward to how it pans out! Definitely has brought Singapore into the limelight, proud!