Thursday 15 October 2020

Design Studio (D11:SI) - Investment that made me lose almost all my capital

Today, I will talk about an investment that I made into a company when I was greedy for it’s dividends and did not do any prior research before I made a purchase. And today, I have actually almost lost all my capital on it and I am not able to sell it off due to a trading halt.

I released a video on my $18,000 portfolio previously and many people have been asking me about it as they mentioned that there are stocks in there that they will not recommend me to continue holding on. And I know. However I am not able to sell it off due to a trading halt and I thought that it would recover, well, I don't think it will ever recover. Fortunately, it was not a very huge amount that I put into it. I will be talking all about it today and hope that none of you will do the same mistake that I did.

So let’s talk about Design Studio today. Design Studio (SGX:D11) is listed in the Singapore Stock Exchange and is a interior fit-out provider meaning that provides innovative and creative solutions to meet our clients needs.

Together with its subsidiaries, manufactures, supplies, and installs paneling products primarily in Singapore, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, and China. The company operates in three segments: Residential Property Projects, Hospitality and Commercial Projects, and Distribution Projects. It was founded in 1992. To be honest, before I bought the stock, I didn't even look into it's business model.

The group took a hit to revenue and estimated project margins due to higher-than-expected project costs, which had adverse effects on the group. On Jan 2020, the group called for a suspension in the trading of its shares where it last traded at 8.3 Singapore cents.

Looking into it's financials, it was even more worrying, if only at that time, I took some time to check.

You can see their profit has been dropping and decreasing from 2016 to 2017 then to 2018. Their cash and fixed deposits decreased over the years from 2015 and in 2018 they even had to borrow. I bought the stock around the end of 2017.

I bought 1800 shares of it at a price of $0.535 each which means I put in about $963 currently, the total value of it is $149.40 which means I have actually already lost almost most of what I invested. Also they stopped giving out dividends in 2018, which was around the time when I bought the shares.

After this experience, I started looking more into index investing and lesser of individual stock picking as I know that I am easily swayed. I am glad this mistake happened even though my portfolio is always in red due to this mistake as I am not able to sell them off now. If this didn't happen to me, my investing journey might turn out differently.

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