Sunday 6 December 2020

Ending 2020 with a $30,000 portfolio and dividends collected revealed! | Tesla stock price crashed like soufflé?

Hi guys, welcome back to another episode of SingaporeanTalksMoney. Please subscribe to my channel to stay updated on my content and also to punch the like button to show support for me! We are left with just about a month till the start of 2021, this has been a challenging year for everyone. But there are definitely good things as well, one of it is that I have managed to save a lot more in 2020. With the year coming to an end soon, today's video will be a personal finance update video where I show the breakdown of my portfolio and also dividends received this year. Kinda like a year end performance review.

2020 definitely was a year where I had more spare cash for investing as travel plans were disrupted and working from home became the norm. I guess this was the same for many because after the crash in Mar/Apr 2020, the markets have been recovering like a bull and even surpassed many valuations. It seems like everyone has a lot of spare cash as stocks, cryptocurrency and gold all surge to new highs.

On my side, my portfolio has definitely grown since the last video where I talked about my $18,000 portfolio which I will link it below and at the top. With my regular savings plan and occasional individual stock purchases, my portfolio has grown partly due to Tesla, from having a stock split to being included in the S&P 500, the news really just keeps coming in.

My Portfolio

My current portfolio as of 1 Dec 2020 stands at a little above $30,000. It has seen a 40% growth since my last portfolio breakdown done in around June or July 2020. Definitely, I will be showing a breakdown of my portfolio so that I can compare it again mid-year in 2021 and see if there are any major changes.

How did the portfolio grow?

The main growth factor for my portfolio are definitely the US stocks as S&P 500 and Tesla soared up with news of Joe Biden being elected and the vaccine being available. My Total World Stock ETF holdings (VT) has provided me with about 13.19% profit and Tesla providing me with about 83.16% profit as of 4 Dec 2020. There are winners and definitely losers, just like in my previous video, the investment that made me lose almost all my capital, Design Studio is down 84.57% and my Singtel holdings are down 32.49% as I bought them during the high.

My Singapore portfolio is still in the red mainly due to counters like Design Studio and some REITs that I purchased at a pretty high price. I am keeping all my Singapore holdings as I like the dividends and just having a Singapore portfolio is a little more assuring, at least to me. I am planning to also add more CRCT and Far East Orchard in the near future.

This year, beside my RSP of adding VT and VOO to the portfolio, I also added OCBC, Far East Orchard (O10) and most definitely Tesla which is the main reason my portfolio could grow so fast.

Dividends received from portfolio in 2020

Dividends! I used to loveeee dividends as it just makes you feel so good receiving some pocket money throughout the year, however, this year I have been buying more into US stocks and so my dividends for next year, 2021 will not be increasing much as I am now investing in companies that are growing and so will not pay dividends. With the current REITs, Banks and STI ETF in my portfolio, I received a total of $722.56 which translates to about $60 dollars per month. To me, that really quite a nice amount to be receiving, definitely hope to break 3 digits monthly next year but I have sold First REIT so my dividends might not be as much as expected. This will be something that I will look out for in 2021, my dividends payout.

Comparing dividends received from past years

My dividends received year-on-year has been increasing meaning from 2018 where I received $22.75 monthly and in 2019, $41.89 monthly to $60.21 monthly for 2020.

I hope to definitely be able to double the previous year dividends year-on-year meaning I hope to receive about $120 in dividends monthly for 2021. As I find dividends a nice cushion and in Singapore, we all love dividends.





Before I end it all off, in another news of leaked emails from Elon Musk to his employees, he has asked them to control costs and maintain profits because investor have been giving them a lot of credit for future profits judging by the stock price. Is this another way of Elon saying that "Tesla stock price is too high imo". I do have to say that everyone is looking out for Tesla's future, being a disruptive company, it's effects can be very profound in the years to come. But to do that, they have to make sure that they can survive first and I think Elon Musk has a way of communicating and doing that.

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  1. Congrats on growing your portfolio by 40%! that's an insane jump

    1. Hi FinanciallyFree, I am sure the growth is due to the stock market recovery after Covid-19 and many others have also experienced huge growth in their portfolio. Some of the 40% growth is also my capital input, my portfolio roughly grew about 10% :)