Sunday 9 May 2021

Becoming wealthy opens up opportunities for you | Why the rich will get richer | Dogecoin Millionaire Example

Hi Guys, today I want to talk about how the wealthy is able to become richer due to some factors. As the SNL performance inches closer, many investor of dogecoin has huge expectations. Even Elon Musk have posted a photo about the guest starring with dogecoin being in it as well meaning that he will certainly be mentioning about it. 


So, on to today's topic on the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer, this is something that has been amplified in the pandemic that has swept the world off it's feet since the start of 2020. As the rich is able to work from home and have the purchasing power to invest, their wealth has grown exponentially and the effects of the pandemic has not very much affected them except that there is an increase of zoom meetings and no travelling. On the other hand, jobs in the F&B services and airlines have been affected due to reduction in their services and with social distancing becoming a norm, many jobs are being automated if possible. Many people who used to live pay-check to pay-check suddenly loses their income which puts them on the brink of being homeless and relying on food banks.

This video is definitely not to talk about how life is so unfair but really to show the different opportunities that are available for you depending on your wealth status and also which city you are living in. I like to do a deep dive into how opportunities seem to come knocking on the door once you are able to attain a certain amount of wealth in your life.

Recently, I came across Andrei Jikh's video where he talked about a dogecoin millionaire named Glauber Contessoto who placed his life savings (What a courageous man!) into dogecoin when it was 4.5 cents, so once dogecoin rose and hit 45 cents, he became well over a millionaire in a matter of 2 months or 69 days. It is so crazy thinking about it. It could have been 0% if dogecoin crashed but well, he managed to X100 it. After he managed to X100 his money, he mentioned that he will be holding it all in dogecoin until the value reached 10 million (another courageous act from him). I won't go through on how he should be managing his money because well, I am not yet a millionaire but after he got his 1 million, many opportunities have come to him.

People want to know how you made your wealth

I guess you can see how many interviews or articles have been written about him. Many people are amazed at how he managed to become a millionaire within such a short period of time and most importantly, what went through his mind which made him smash all his life savings into Dogecoin. The thoughts that he was having and even now when he spoke of how he will be hodling until his portfolio becomes $10 million.

Even for other millionaires who got their wealth through a combination of their day job and investments, people are interested. Take for example TechLead which I love him for his humor and how he just causally produces his videos but has so much insightful points being presented. People are interested and they want to hear so then that brings me to my next point.

You are able to expand your network and work with other wealthy individuals

Andrei Jikh managed to connect with Glauber to find out more on how he did it and in a way after he became rich, so many influential individuals have reached out to him and in turn to share his experience, he has a Youtube channel now with almost 10,000 subscribers. It is growing pretty well since now he is known as the doge millionaire, even Google agrees. And he has been appearing on television as well as numerous interviews.

With this experience, being able to meet the various huge You-Tubers means that he will be able to connect with them and we can see this in Andrei Jikh latest video where he was introduced to Graham Stephan.

You have the capital to grow

Of course, most importantly, what makes the rich get richer is that they have the capital to build on whatever they are doing. For example, they can buy ads to promote their channel or even to organise giveaways to increase traffic flow. Definitely these are just a few but they can invest and grow with a larger capital, eg a 10% return on a $10,000 is only $1000 but a 10% return on one million is $100,000. Woah, huge difference right there. Building up your net worth is the first way to a million, there are many different ways to do it, dogecoin is one of it but how many can remain a millionaire in the long run or grow to be a billionaire, no one knows because the future is unknown. Look out for the SNL show in SG time as you can keep yourself updated through social media! To end it off, work on yourself and your present state, what will be yours in future will come. Hope you guys enjoy today's video, as usual smash the like button and subscribe to my channel for more content!

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