Sunday 13 June 2021

My Tesla Journey | How it became the largest holding in my portfolio

Tesla is a hugely discussed stock as the parabolic climb of it's stock price have made some to call it overvalued while some say it is undervalued and has huge potential. I am of course holding a few shares and I do hope that it is undervalued. On twitter, I follow Tesla analysts and enthusiasts who share an amazing load of information as well as individuals who report on Tesla's news. I do see the huge potential in it's EV business as it is currently the biggest electric vehicle manufacturers in the world. Besides dabbling in EVs, battery and solar power are also industries that Tesla has set foot and is revolutionizing.

My Tesla Journey

I actually started the journey in June 2020 with one stock, yup how I wished I had bought more during then. That 1 share became 5 shares (average of USD197) and Tesla also got included into the S&P 500 after some time. Along the way, I read up more and realised that it is a really huge potential company we are looking at.

As my savings rate was not high and I had a RSP in place, I bought shares every few months and even consecutively during it's highs of $800 as the stock market was at that time really rising as most growth stocks broke ATH (all time highs). From the image, you can see that I still bought in 2 shares even when it was at USD870, it was shocking when the price dropped to USD600+ and even $500+. As of now, my average price of each Tesla share is at USD504.23 after including fees.



Taking the DCA approach but losing money on fees

From the above diagram, it definitely show that I took a dollar cost averaging approach and because of that, I had some amount of fees being chalked up though the profits are much more when you consider my average price being USD504.23

The total price paid for my Tesla shares is USD9,494.66 but after including fees, it is USD$9,580.43, almost a $100 difference. This is because I originally used FSMone to buy which charges about USD 9.42 per transaction and I slowly moved to tiger brokers where there is free or a low commission charge. Overall, I will still be adding Tesla into my portfolio along the way as I managed to buy some during the correction recently. But I will be building up my funds before getting in. Tesla is a long term hold for me and I am really excited on how they will progress and innovate. Most of my losses from my SG stocks were reversed by the gains from Tesla and it slowly grew as I added on more. It now takes up about 30% of my portfolio.

I still believe in index investing (VT) because I have seen how horrible I am at individual stock picking when I invested in the SG markets but Tesla is one company that I do not mind putting more money in. Hope you guys enjoy today's video, do comment below on anything that you would like me to know. Thank you!

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  1. is the 504 post spilt or pre split?

    I own TSLA too, my average price is 450 pre split.

    1. Hi, it is post split as I already accounted for the split price based on the 1 stock I held pre spilt. Hope this clarifies.