Saturday 6 August 2022

What is Quiet Quitting? | Have you heard of it and are you doing it?

A few articles writing about quiet quitting has came out in my feed and I find it pretty interesting as we do see many new words that express different behaviours. I wrote about 躺平, a phenomenon happening in China and now quiet quitting comes up which is something some people are doing.

So let’s define quiet quitting:

  • Quiet Quitting is basically to show up at work and do the absolute bare minimum to get by.

Quiet quitting is very much the opposite of hustling which was pretty popular awhile back. Quiet quitting became popular partly due to the pandemic as the focus shift from working hard to having work-life balance and paying more attention to your well-being as people realise that jobs are no longer as secure and companies won’t treat you well if they have to cut cost.

Why Quiet Quitting?

Reading an article from Jerry Keszka titled, “What is Quiet Quitting?”, it mentioned that 2 reasons lead to the rise of quiet quitting with the first being to protest against the company as there might have been no recognition or benefits for working hard. The other reason is to manage their well-being and prevent burnout which was very prevalent during the pandemic outbreak as zoom calls were arranged out of office hours and the lines of personal and work hours were blurred as we work from home.

After the pandemic, the majority of workers realised the benefits of working from home and know that they were able benefit from it, as they spend lesser time commuting and having small talks physically, they realise that they can also try out different things and enrich themselves with the extra time saved. There were also individuals who realised that working so hard only benefitted the corporations and the overall compensation does not increase whether you hustled hard or just minimally did what you are required to.

Gen Z’s working style?

Not to pinpoint a certain generation but the Gen Z’s working environment and surroundings are very much affected by the pandemic, even their social patterns and activities are shaped by the pandemic as we saw TikTok rise and virtual events taking place more frequently as side gigs became a lot more popular.

Gen Z’s really had to embrace the new style of working as lessons and work went virtual and physical interactions were reduced, I think a huge proportions of onboarding and orientations were virtual and Gen Z’s realised that work can be remote and there really is not a need to be physically in the office from 9-5 as what it was like previously. So if I am able to do what I need to do within a lesser time span, the rest of the hours, I can do my own stuff and not be stuck in the office waiting or doing more than what is needed.

There is a lot of emphasis on having something else besides work in your life, our parents focus was very much on income and loyalty to the company as there were many who needed the income. Millennials and Gen Z are able to not rely extensively on income as lesser individuals are having kids and also choose to stay with their parents so they can afford to chase what they are interested in rather than work for money.

There are many different work arrangements nowadays from remote to work-flex to office and I have to admit that the pandemic have shifted a lot of mindset that work needs to be done from 9-5. Although many companies still prefer their employees to be in office as we can see companies try to get their employees in after the pandemic but remote working proves to be a huge factor as many are willing to even take a paycut to work remotely. Whether the companies can retain the talent really depends on how they take on the requests and demands.

Quiet quitting arise due to the fact that many could see some companies making money during the pandemic but not treating the employees with empathy and instead take advantage of the pandemic, of course, this applied to only certain companies but individuals realised that working so hard for the corporations was not beneficial and instead they should focus on their well-being and individual skillset. What are your thoughts on quiet quitting?


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