Wednesday 5 October 2022

Q3 2022 Portfolio Updates | 💎 🙌 🐻

This year has been a crazy year as daily news are not positive and we seem to be living in bad news. I am grateful to be in Singapore where we are so far not as badly affected as the others but many have suffered and I do hope for the best and recovery. China has broaden it’s lockdowns and the energy crisis is affecting Europe as well as China as hydropower in China is not working as expected due to a drought. Extreme weather conditions are also affecting countries as floods, droughts and heatwaves made headlines.

Ending Q3 means we will be entering winter in Europe and other parts of the world, winter means that more energy will be needed to keep warm so demand is definitely going to be up but the supply might not be able to keep up. The stock and crypto markets have also been affected as macro-environment is having so many bad news with inflation still high and the FED being aggressive with rate hikes. People do want to have more cash on hand to pay bills and make sure that they have sufficient funds.

We do also see a number of tech layoffs although job reports are still pretty strong in numbers but a number of companies have cut head-counts and are looking to reduce hiring. I think even the bonus at my company looks to be low as we expect revenue to drop substantially. Of course, certain industries are more affected than others. Let’s dive into my portfolio review.

I record the holdings in my stocks portfolio, Syfe REIT+ and cryptocurrency holdings.


As we see stock markets drop with earnings for Q2 not being impressive, the crypto markets are performing badly too although there was in ETH merge in Sep 2022 but price fluctuation was within a small range. My overall portfolio value has dropped but I did add positions and am still DCA-ing monthly. I have reduce my crypto investments as I increase my DCA-ing towards stocks.

I can really see and feel a lower interest in cryptocurrencies as my Twitter feed has less shilling and less information although it could be the people that I am following. I also see many crypto enthusiast taking a break and just lowering their screen time.


Across the portfolio, stocks and cryptocurrencies have experienced a drop in prices even the SGD against USD although I would say that SGD is still holding on pretty well. Stocks have experienced quite a pretty substantial drop in prices as interest rates are rising and we all know that the FED is trying to bring assets prices down to curb inflation.

Tesla had the 3 for 1 stock split in August and it is the largest positions in my portfolio having about 60%. I am trying to lower the proportion by allocating more of my DCA-ing amount towards ETFs, mainly QQQ and VOO. I still very much believe in the innovation and growth of Tesla but I think I want to balance up my portfolio to reduce volatility. Nothing really much to add as I am just DCA-ing into index ETFs.


For cryptocurrencies, it crazy how the drop for BTC and ETH was horrid and disgusting in that it was a nosedive from $60,000 for BTC and $4000 for ETH to current levels. The volatility is crazy high and when it becomes a slight green day, it seems such a happy moment as we are finally become slightly positive.

We do see a little recovery for BTC as we see fiat currencies around the world drop from Euros and British pounds. I do believe people are seeing BTC as a store of value although they might be in with small amounts first. The ethereum merge happened and it was interesting watching the live and how the community was so happy for it and the amount of hard work everyone did.

I am adding in small amounts as I think my proportion of 0.14 BTC and 5 ETH is good and I want to focus on building up my stocks.

Starting a Syfe REIT+ Portfolio for cashflow (Reinvesting dividends all the way till old or when needed)

I am also starting a Syfe REIT+ portfolio injecting about $300 in monthly. I was first interested in it after I read a few articles from Turtleinvestor. I would say that I was deciding between buying CSOP iEdge SREIT ETF (SRT) or into Syfe REIT+ firstly is that I will be buying in only $350 per month so the constant buying in can incur pretty substantial cost depending on the brokerage I use.

CSOP iEdge SREIT ETF (SRT) charges a management fee of 0.80% while for Syfe REIT+ it charges a tiered fee system where the lowest tier is charging 0.65% per year. Another thing is that the payouts are quarterly for Syfe REIT+ as compared to semi-annually for CSOP iEdge SREIT ETF.

I have started with $1300 for the month of September (added in one day before the FED raise rates and showed their aggressiveness to fight inflation and so REITs went downhill from there) and planning to add around $300 per month to it, this is mainly building up for retirement and at some point, I will not input anymore fresh capital and instead just reinvest the dividends. Of course, this is not really fixed and the amount I am putting in will fluctuate. You can take a look at the video where I show the google sheet showing my future contributions to Syfe REIT+ and how it will slowly build up. It is a really rough calculation as I calculated the dividends received based on the 4.8% rate and also presumed that it will be paid monthly which it will not.

Portfolio record for Q3 2022

Not expecting any miracles for 2022 and 2023 but just for record and for me to look back in future.

Worried about job security

I do have to say that I am worried about my job security at the moment as I am in an industry that has seen significant layoffs and I think it will get worse going into 2023. The FED looks determined to curb inflation and wants the general public to tighten their belts which would in turn affect some companies revenue so I think it is pretty scary thinking about the future at the moment.

I am worried but understand that I shouldn’t worry too much as there is nothing much I can do except to do my job well, update my manager on my work and if it happens, then I will need to look for a new job.

I do have emergency funds but no amount can prepare you for a loss of job as I feel you would have lost a significant chunk of cashflow and especially when you are building up your portfolio, losing your main source of income can hurt.

Going into Q4 2022

Q4 2022 will be interesting as we will see more interest hike as well as entering the festive period and we can see how it goes. End of year is usually a time to reflect as well and 2022 definitely has been a happening year and lots to reflect on. As we go forward and I become another year older, I am happy to have a plan and will stick to it unless anything happens. So how has your portfolio for Q3 2022 been? And what are your goals for the coming Q4 2022?

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