Wednesday 1 February 2023

What if I win the Hong Bao TOTO draw on Friday? | Dreaming of it and my plans if I do

The Hong Bao TOTO draw results will be released on 3 February 2023. The prize money is $12 million dollars, crazy amount and even crazier if 1 person were to win it all! I have bought my $1 quickpick and will wait for the result on Friday. Seedly released a really good break down of types of TOTO tickets you can buy and how much you can buy to win.

What if I win the $12 million?

We are all allowed to dream and thinking that I will be the winner of the $12 million draw feels exceptionally nice. So I wanted to also share on how I would allocate the $12 million if I were to win it haha.

A few days of dreaming before the draw on Friday so great times thinking of having $12 million on hand. $12 million is not really an amount that everyone can attain in their lifetime so unless attaining FIRE with $1 million or a few hundread thousand, there is no need to skimp or manage your expenses as tightly so I would assume that I will inflate my lifestyle.

In terms of rough allocations, I will most likely

  • Buy 2 private properties if possible otherwise just one
  • Create a REITs & dividend portfolio for cashflow using robo-advisors to provide a $100,000 annual cash, Seedly guide here
  • Maximising every immediate family members Singapore Savings Bond quota
  • Contribute a portion to various charity organisation
  • Buy gifts for family members
  • Travel and enjoy the experience of having better amenities and accommodation

That’s roughly how I would break down the spending of my winnings haha, rough idea as the chance of striking it is very low, it’s always fun thinking about it as it makes me so happy about all the different and new experiences that I will be able to have.

Coping with the emotions of having a windfall

To be honest, thinking about the emotions of getting a windfall is complicated. Of course, I would be happy but to suddenly have an amount like $12 million at one go can be pretty shocking or emotionally huge.

It might seem like a wonderful or amazing feeling to strike the lottery however winning the lottery might not make you happier although it differs according to the individual based on their environment, people around them as well as how they manage the winnings.

If I were to win it to be honest, I would be very surprised and a little frightened to collect as I hope people around me won’t ask me about it haha. I will still continue on with my day job and life as usual except more expenditure on the weekends especially so on meals.

It is good to stay anonymous and not even telling your extended family members might be good in certain circumstances. Just like this guy from China who won $42.7 million but kept it from his family as he did not want them to become arrogant and lazy. He even wore a costume to collect the winnings which I think is smart to ensure he remains unknown although I am not sure how he return the costume later on.

All in all, it’s great to dream of getting a windfall but it can also turn out to be a headache so in the meantime, I will just keep doing what I am doing and dream on hahahaha! How would you allocate your winnings?

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  1. Winning 12 millions a day is nothing compared to losing 20 billions a day. Yes, Adani, I am talking about you. You mother faker.

  2. And tbh I am thankful for India's Adani, actually, because he just demonstrated to the world that the riches in India are not much different from those in China. They lied, faked, manipulated, engaged in financial shenanigans that shake the confidence of their own country, and that is what the young, sometimes naive, sginvestment lady needs to be aware of about the two garbage countries.