Sunday 8 October 2023

Q3 2023 Portfolio Review | Are we going up, up and beyond?

Many things have happened in September as well as in Q3, Huawei Mate 60, iPhone ban in China, iPhone 15 release, CPI release and ARM IPOs are just a few of the events that have made Q3 exciting. We shall see what the final part of 2023 brings us as we move along. A review of the numbers for Q3 to keep track and record the progress we are seeing in the portfolio.

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Stocks Portfolio

As the FED/Powell mentioned that rates would stay higher for longer, the equities hasn’t been doing too well as we also see Singapore Savings Bonds having a 3.32% if you hold for 10 years and relatively attractive rates for T-bills.

In terms of US, the treasuries are popular and money is not yet flowing into equities as we are predicting that rates will stay longer and higher. Tesla released it numbers for Q3 and it wasn’t what was expected by analyst and Elon did mention that numbers would not be as high as production was low. Just holding on for now and selling covered calls on it. I am continually adding index ETFs into my stocks portfolio on a monthly basis, had a nice rise in value but it dip and went down again towards end of Q3.

Crypto Portfolio

Crypto did have a very very slight upward for Bitcoin but overall still a sideway market. Just BTC and ETH for me, definitely a long term play for this.

Syfe REIT+

Higher interest rates isn’t all that good for REITs who hold debts to acquire assets and have to return a significant portion back to investors as well, Syfe REIT+ has seen a significant drop since I started. So value has not increased although small amounts are being put in non-periodically.

Options Premium

Adding on to my investments are premiums from selling covered calls. So far, it has been a positive journey and I set the strike price quite a distance away from the market price. I did make some mistakes in August but overall a gain, works best in a sideways market but I have so much more to experience.

I have learned not to overtrade, overtrading could mean to set it a strike price on Monday, Wednesday sees a price drop and readjust the strike price down. As the market is volatile, we don’t really know how the markets would react in 3 days. Also, I now do not roll my trades over to the next week but let it expire on Friday so that if any news are released during the weekend, I can adapt accordingly on Monday.

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The steps above are being followed as Tesla is pretty volatile and so just some rules that I try to adhere. Not really wanting to increase but hoping to make it steady so learning along the way. Nice seeing some extra income to be directed into the money together with my usual DCA amount.

Moving towards Q4

I think moving forward, inflation is a huge factor we are looking at as the FED definitely does not want to see it go back up again. At the moment, a lot of people are saying that not enough pain is being seen yet.

With that said, inflation has been tough, my mum can see groceries prices go up and water prices will be increasing which in turn affects everything too. We don’t want to see every year getting crazy inflation and eventually our wages are not even enough, that’ll be crazy.

In terms of the whole portfolio, it is inching really close to $100,000 and excited for it as the portfolio value compounds and growth can be seen more significantly compared when it was in it’s lower 5 figures.

With all that negativity, Q4 is a festive period with a winding down and reflection period as we end the year, so going for that final sprint before relaxing and seeing how everything is. In the meantime, stay safe and stay strong my comrades!

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