Sunday 7 January 2018

How to retire and still survive

Recently I came across this YouTube channel BeatTheBush who describes himself as being an engineer and together with frugality, side incomes and investments he managed to quit his job and have much more time to do what he wants at a relatively young age!

Here are some of his videos firstly about how he tracks his net worth and the spreadsheets are available in the description box. The video explains thoroughly on the spreadsheet and what values should be input into where. 

I chanced upon his channel one day while surfing YouTube and realized that some of his video are quite informative and he was willing to share about his experiences on how he saved money. He also has a few videos on how he prepares $1 meals or a low budget seafood meal. Its interesting because his journey towards him being able to quit his job and not needing to find another interest me to know how he did it.

On some videos, he tries applying for credit cards just for the rewards and then to cancel them when he gets the rewards. He also touches on Bitcoin and how he profit from it. Overall, even though its a rather new channel, I believe that he can help provides tips on how he manages to achieve his current lifestyle with his side incomes which includes the YouTube channel and Amazon where he sells his stuff.

I like to read up on financial articles or blog post but once in awhile, a video can make things look more visually appealing hence I would get on YouTube and search for financial videos to look through at times. Just some thing I would like to share and hope that you guys would enjoy it too!

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