Monday 22 January 2018

SGX - First sell transaction of 2018

So the first stock I bought when I started trading last year was SGX at a price of $7.22 per share. Recently, the price of SGX has gone up and I took the chance to increase my cash holdings. The amount of shares I have for SGX was not a big one so profits were not much but I just wanted to try selling something because I haven’t made a sell transaction yet and since SGX price went up, I decided to take profits.

I took profits when the price went till $7.82 which I greatly regretted as the price went up to a high of $7.98 which is a huge difference and I could have really maximized my profits. Oh well, what’s done is done so I’m just glad to have profits and to slowly increase my cash holdings.

SGX price gone up pretty fast and I think it is due to the dividend payout that is expected to be soon. I bought it at $7.22 at around May 2017 when an expected dividend payout was expected during April but it didn’t happen so I guess the price dropped and I was lucky to get in at that time. I do notice that stocks tend to increase when dividends are going to be given out and do slightly drop after dividends have been given.

With the increase in cash holdings, I hope to get a bigger share of shares the next time I do my next purchase because I realized that with a small amount purchased, the profits earned tend to be lower too.

*Update: Today, 22nd January 2018, SGX has hit a price of $8.25 creating a new 52 weeks high. I am really sad that I sold too early but what's done is done. The price has went up further due to its announcement of its latest earnings where revenue has gone up and free cash flow has increased from previous years. A dividend payout of five cents per share has been announced too. Well, I sure learned a few things from my first sell transaction and will be hoping to maximise every other sell transaction from now on if I can. A good learning experience. 


  1. You remind me of the student who got an A- but was upset because she wanted /expected an A+.
    Don't feel sad or beat yourself up over potential profit when you have already made money. Opportunities will come again. May not be SGX stock...but there will always be opportunities in the market.

    1. Hi, Yup, I do realise that its good to have at least made a profit. I think it's just the feeling of being able to actually obtain more from it aka greed. The market is full of opportunities and I shouldn't limit myself.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  2. And the other question u need to ask yourself is- is the current price justified?
    Short term stock price has always been a mystery to me.

  3. Its impossible to sell at the peak. As long as you are satisfied with the profit there should be no regrets