Thursday 10 May 2018

April 2018 expenses

Finally, I have just ended my finals today and can resume back on my blog. It feels great but I am definitely going to be kept busy because I am heading to Japan soon. Looking forward to that.

Expenses tracking have never been a thing for me because I assume that I spend much lesser than my peers. However, for the month of April, I decided to start track my spending to see if it really is as low as what I think. Through the month, I found that it has made me think more before I spend and that I can do a comparisons of the different months. I used the Seedly app to track my expenses.

Here's the breakdown of my expenses for April 2018:


Saving Plan: $319.20
My biggest expense is for my NTUC saving plan that I have wrote about too. It is a recurring monthly expenses for now.

Food: $81.85
Next would be on food and snacks which I have spend about $81.85, I am lucky to have my grandmother around to cook dinner everyday from Monday to Saturday for us so I am able to save quite a lot. Also, usually weekends when my family goes out, my mum still settles the bill so $81.85 is mostly my lunch during the weekdays or when I go out with my friends.

Transport: $60.00 
The month of April was a month of study breaks and lessons also started to lessen towards the end of the month so transport cost has lessen. Usually I spend about $80 to $100 on transport.

 School: $17.95
I spend this on a textbook for one of my modules. My notes are usually printed at home so I don't have to print them in school.  

Phone Bill: $25.35
My current data plan is the SIM-ONLY (12 mths) under Singtel which is actually $20 but there is an extra $5.35 for caller-ID.

Dentist: $3.40
I went for a visit to see my cousin who is a dentistry undergraduate which explains the subsidized cost. I will have a few more follow-up sessions with him over the next few months.  

Overall, my spending for the month of April has been pretty simple because I was busy with school and revising for my finals. Could have missed out one or two expenses too. I am expecting higher expenses for May because my holiday starts and I will be meeting my friends and also going overseas too. I think its good to track my expenses just as a remainder not to overspend and have a tracking system. Definitely, I wouldn't wanna let this stop me from trying new things or experiences:) so mostly for tracking purposes.

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  1. Congrats on finishing uni! Amazing to see that your expenses are so low. Keep that up!