Sunday 29 July 2018

Singtel - rollercoaster ride and portfolio updates.

I purchased Singtel last month and whew, its been a ride for the stock so far. It reached a low of $3.02 on the 3rd of July 2018 before going up to $3.33 on 23rd July and on 27th July 2018 it is at $3.18. I came across this article by Sgwealthbuilder on Singtel share prices would be destined to drop after its ex-dividend date of 26th July. He also mentioned that it is not about if the prices will drop but more about how much it will drop.

Taken from Yahoo Finance

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I like that Singtel has aggressively expanded globally and not focus so much in Singapore.

 I am looking to increase REITs proportions in my portfolio and to include banks. But for now, no changes in my portfolio would be happening.  Coming August, I would receive $75.00 in dividends from Singtel and First Reit. 

August would be a rather month for me as I have a lot of assignments and tests coming up. As I enter my last semester of my university life, I am having a lot on my mind and hope to be able to end it well.


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    Did they bought big or short big and show evidence that they have done so?

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