Thursday 9 August 2018

An Extra $660 After 3 Years

1st August 2018 is when GREAT220, a savings plan from Great Eastern is being released. My mum has been wanting to sign up for it since it's previous editions like GREAT205 which was released in March 2018. However, the demand was so high that my mum had no chance to sign up for it.

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GREAT205 which was released on Mar 2018 had an interest rate of 2.05%. GREAT220 has a higher interest of 2.20%. My mum got to know about this because her friends were all talking about it. Most of her friends have allocated funds to the previous plans.

My mum has a SRS account and some money in there. So when she came across this promotion that her friend told her about, she decided to put her money inside. The minimum investment sum for GREAT220 is $10 000. So let's say she place $10 000 inside, with an interest rate of 2.20% per annum for 3 years, she would get $220 interest per year and for 3 years, $660.

The amount might seem low for investors who invest in other products but because my mum throughout her life have been exposed to fixed deposits by banks and savings plans so this promotion for her is rather great. I do encourage her to use her SRS funds because if they were just lying there, they would only earn her a meagre interest of 0.05% per annum. Meaning if she had the $10 000 in her SRS account for the next 3 years she would earn a total of $15. Comparing $660 to $15, definitely my mum would be happier with an extra $645 since the funds in SRS are also 'locked'.

Happy National Day, it was great walking along the streets today and seeing so many people wearing red and white. Wishing Singapore a prosperous future and great years ahead!

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