Thursday 16 August 2018

Art of Rejection

Have you ever been rejected when you asked for something? I am definitely sure that it has happen before. I used to be a really really shy girl when I was young. I would avoid all eye contact or conversations needed. Even going up to a cashier to buy stuff would make me worried that I screw up what I was about to say.

Things started getting a bit better when I went to polytechnic. It was when I was exposed to a whole new environment. I learned that to get what I needed, I need to say it out. With presentations and events building up, I had to open up more. However, I was still shy, shy to ask for things and to ask for help. I remember coming from a no chemistry background and my first year in polytechnic was tough because most of the modules were chemistry.

I remembered asking my care person for help telling her that I had difficulties coping with the modules and I actually broke down in front of her. I think at that time I was just so scared of failing. Eventually she helped me with my studies and I managed to get through all my chemistry modules with a decent mark.

What would have happened if I didn’t ask my careperson for help? Asking has its benefits and you really just never know what you can get if you just ask. Even though I know that, I’m still trying to adjust myself to become someone who ask and of course, to think before you ask. Below is a short video that I really think is very helpful in showing how asking can get you things.


You never know till you try, I think most people (including me) are afraid to ask because we are too scared of how people would judge us or view us and whether are we even competent to be asking. So we just sit back and face our own doubts. Breaking out of your comfort zone and taking the first step is always tough! 

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