Friday 21 September 2018

Climate change and how Singapore is affected?

Every year, I always hear from the news that a new high temperature has been reached for this year and that the average temperature has increased by 1 degree. Every year, we experience hotter temperature and so....what and when's the limit? I read an article recently about how vulnerable Singapore is to climate change and found it very informative.
One of the most crucial and main way Singapore will be affected by the rise of temperatures would be 

  • The rising sea levels!
Our geographical location and size makes us surrounded by seawater and even though we can reclaim land, it is an expensive and time-consuming task. 

Global warming is not affecting a small proportion of people in the world, it affects all of us and to be honest, Singapore is not an environmental friendly countries as compared to others.

  • Recycling efforts in Singapore
When I went to Taiwan to visit my friend who was having an exchange there. I was surprised by how they had to purchase plastic bags for their rubbish and every night, a rubbish truck would come and collect from them so they would need to bring their rubbish down. Of course, their rubbish would be segregated into food waste, plastic waste and other categories.

Singapore on the other hand, we do have a blue recycling bin that is put below every block and recyclables can be placed inside where a designated recycling would come pick them up.

However, there are many people who would throw their food waste into that and this makes the recyclables 'contaminated' and they are unable to be recycled.

I find that individually, we still have a long way to go in our recycling efforts and it definitely would not be an easy journey. But for the sake of the future generation, we do need to start something that can reduce the effect of global warming. 

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  1. What do we expect if G continue to increase the population and population density? It will only get worse. More people, more crowded, more carbon dioxide and monoxoide, more aircon places, more consumption....