Monday 6 January 2020

December 2019 Portfolio Review - Dividends for the year = >$500!

Last month of the year and also the month when spending will increase due to the amount of gifts that needs to be prepared and the constant devil that tells you to reward yourself after a tough year. HAHA

My expenses did increase in Dec and because I will be going to Taiwan soon in Jan 2020 so air tickets and accommodations have to be paid in advance.

In Dec, I did my first purchase through FSMone ETF RSP by buying 61 units of SPDR STI ETF at a price of $3.248

I switched over to FSMone as there are more options and commission is also affordable.

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December was quite a nice month, with dividends from Far East Hospitality, First REIT and Tai Sin Electric. The payout was $19, $22 and $35 respectively.

As I have a RSP for the index portfolio with FSMone which I will re-balance every one year, I am going to be buying more REITs and stocks that can raise up my dividend rate.

For 2019, my total dividends came up to be $502.62 which is nearly double the amount I received in 2018. I hope to increase my dividend rate as it really can act as a cushion and I can also decide whether to re-invest it once it becomes substantial.

I know the dividend amount is really small compared to other financial bloggers but I am glad that I have started and can see the change and increase of it year on year. 



  1. Good to see dividend flowing in, isn't it. Starting time is slow, but with compounding effect, your dividend will grow faster at later stage

  2. Happy New Year! I was also considering to set up FSMOne given its low commission cost. Maybe I should stop procrastinating and set it up.