Thursday 2 January 2020

Plans for 2020, work/portfolio/money/family/exercise

We are into 2020 and I believe that many would have set goals for 2020. For me, I don’t usually set goals cos I am lazy but this coming new year, I think I will want to set some goals to achieve them.

In saying goals, this article is really just a rough outline for each category. I will go more in depth when I have the time, especially for my financial goals. 

Since I will be turning 25 years old in 2020, breaking 25 means more responsibilities and also having to think about what I really want in life.


For work, as always I sound tired of repeating myself but I like to find permanent job to have more job security. But I haven't been getting replies for the job applications.

For my current contract job, it has been extended by one more year till the end of Dec 2020 but I believe with the outlook on 2020, it’s really a huge question mark whether there would be any chances of turning permanent.

There will be a small increment for my pay so at least for 2020, I do have a job and can continue to be on the look out for jobs.


For my portfolio in 2020, I have decided to go with passive and index investing. I will allocate a portion of my income per month to invest into SPDR STI ETF (ES3.SI) and Vanguard Total World Stock ETF (VT.NYSE) before adding ABF Singapore Bonds into the monthly purchase.

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I will be using FSMone’s ETF RSP to purchase both of them on a monthly basis. With that, I can free up my time. I actually came across the Bogleheads Three Fund investment and it really was interesting. You can read more abot it with an article from betterspider

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I have build up my emergency fund through this one year of work (2019) and I feel a little more secure knowing that I do have some cash to fall back on. With the emergency fund built up, I can also more aggressively pump more money into my investments.


My brother will be coming in June for his 3 months internship with his company after which we are planning a trip to Hiroshima for some family time. In 2020, I also hope to continue to spend more time with my mum as always.

Also, to be more understanding to my mum and to help do some housework. 


I have been wanting to start exercising when I started work because I am just sitting the whole day and I can feel that without much exercise, it will be really easy to gain weight even if I were to watch my diet.

I want to add some simple exercises and maybe one or 2 runs per week. 

Overall, I have been listing out quite a few things for 2020, some which will start like my RSP while some will require my action like to exercise. I hope to at least make sure I fulfill some goals in 2020! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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