Sunday 16 August 2020

No such thing as an iron rice bowl

Every industry is going through changes right now as things are not going as per normal. Some industries face it harder than others as change is now definitely necessary for them. 

As employers realise that more can be done remotely and digitally, employees also have to re-skill and learn more than what they currently know.  

For me, change is rather difficult for me because I tend to be in my comfort zone and get too comfortable in my place. Many people now place a huge emphasis on data and even my workplace is willing to use software to track employee's workload and SLA to account for headcount. At times, it can all sound so robotic like data rules us all and will determine whether or not we deserve to be in the company. 

Recently The Woke Salaryman released The painful lesson I learnt from newspapers and magazines
which essentially summarized that change is essential and you should keep learning and re-skill/up skill yourself to remain employable. I do find this really relatable but am really apprehensive about having to keep learning to adapt. 

Having studied a general degree which does not have much technical knowledge, I have had to learn Microsoft Excel skills and other systems at a rapid pace after I started work. It has been difficult and I have to admit that constant practice is needed so that you won't forget the things you have learned. 

Some times, I do doubt if I can continue to be working in 10 years time as the work I am doing currently is more on the administrative side which can easily be replaced. All these worries and doubts so build up. I know I definitely will need to upskill myself and is data analytics the best way going forward? I am not too sure either but it seems data now is very powerful and in demand.   

I can definitely see data coming into my work as my bosses want to track data and so more skilled people are required in that area. Data is definitely one thing but being able to interpret it and find out more is also important.

I feel like I am still finding my way around considering the huge shift in work arrangements currently and the uncertain future. Definitely, at times, seeing my friends doing better in their career than me kinda feels upsetting and makes me doubt myself. I am learning to take it easy. 

Embracing change will be good for me as an individual and my future. For now, I am focusing on my career and if able to, to sign up for some short course though I really treasure my weekends and want to rest. We shall see how everything goes! No new youtube video this week as I have been really busy with work, OT-ing everyday and also on weekends. Will take a short break and hopefully be back soon:) 

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