Monday 10 August 2020

Why I bought Tesla and some information on Tesla

Should you buy Tesla now? To be honest I bought Tesla because everyone else was buying it. I didn’t do any research beforehand and I bought it at about $980. So I currently have 1 stock of Tesla. I know that currently Tesla has surge so much but definitely can dropped as much as it is a risky stock where some people are buying it cos of the hype. 

In this video, I explore a bit on Tesla and their business. I understand that they are still a company that is innovating and growing rapidly. If they can continue their growth and innovation, I know that they can definitely hit much higher performance. Elon Musk is definitely someone who is so curious and wants to improve the world with technology and believes that the world can be a better place. 

 With the Tesla short shorts, things are also interesting in a way as people who are thinking that Tesla won’t go far are usually proven wrong by Elon. It is interesting and definitely there is a lot of potential in Tesla. 


  1. i watched this interview on the latest Q2 earnings of tesla and i thought its great. would like to share with u if you haven't already saw this. also, cheers to being a tesla shareholder!

  2. I hope it go to 1000 so i can buy more,, vested since 1100.. wish all best in TSLA

  3. Congrats! Your Tesla share has reaped dividends :) over 2k!

    1. Thanks James, Singapore portfolio doesn't look good though so it evens out :)