Wednesday 7 April 2021

Becoming a Tik Tok Star | Earning $1000 per minute

Social media has been an amazing tool for marketing and also to create a brand/identity for oneself. I came across this video while scrolling YouTube and to be honest, it is very common nowadays to have teens earning large sums of money from their online platforms. And it looks really lucrative.

Achieving their first million at an early age

Graham Stephan, Jeremy (Financial Education) , MeetKelvin and Andrei Jikh who each have their successful YouTube channels and are multi-millionaire recently revealed how old they were when they earned their 1st million.

  • Graham Stephan: Obtained his first million at age 26
  • Jeremy: Obtained his first million at age 28
  • Andrei Jikh: Obtained his first million at age 31

They were all very young and it is amazing how they managed to build up a brand for themselves and subsequently use it to create different sources of income. I think once you are able to have a following, it is easy to use it as a base for your other ventures.

Diversifying the income sources

Many of them move on to have multiple YouTube channels that cover different content using their current fanbase. Of course, the content and hard work they put in is huge and requires a certain amount of commitment. Merchandise and courses are another way that social media influencers increase their income. One example is Logan Paul, he has gained such a massive following that he has merchandises and even most recently have started selling NFTs and earned a few million.

Singapore’s financial sites

Social media can be a great platform for you to share your knowledge or just to share your life if you like people to follow and create content. Starting your own website or social media sites can just be done remotely and with low cost.

One very popular and impactful financial website is The Woke Salaryman, Ruiming, one of the co-founders wrote a viral piece on how he managed to save $100,000 before age 30 and it attracted a lot of attention. What really appeals about them is that they are very interactive on their Instagram page where the co-founders, Ruiming and Wei Choon frequently have Q&A sessions to engage their audience. This was how they grew and slowly it became profitable with sponsors that they are now able to quit their full-time job and grow The Woke Salaryman as a business. They filled up a gap where there are not many financial sites that provide a comprehensive and simple to understand drawings that are engaging and really puts information into bite-sized pieces.

Seedly is also another great platform where they build up a community that can ask any questions and anyone can help to answer. I like how they have a very comprehensive guide

How you can become a Tik Tok Star

In this video that I watched, Josh Richard, a 19 year old entrepreneur and social media influencer started his social media journey when he was 16 years old and at that time earned about a few hundred dollars each night he did his live streams. He slowly expanded his reach by trying to create viral videos. He provided some tips on how he managed to increase his following

  1. Post consistently

In the world of content, having consistent updates will help retain your audience. Josh made sure to go on live every single day from 10pm to 2am. This 4 hours meant that his audience will turn on and they knew that he will be there definitely. This creates a routine for them to tune in to his page. He saw the amount of money rolling in increase over the period where he consistently went on live. From a few hundreds everyday to thousands each day.

  1. Find out how to create viral videos

He also mentioned for Tik Tok, having a viral video is essential as your reach will be wider. Especially since Tik Tok is about short videos. He looked out for criteria and tried to emulate them for example doing tricks or a prank to garner more views.

  1. Learn to manage your money

This is not really related to his Tik Tok growth but he said that after he managed to earn a substantial amount of money through his social media, he started spending way more beyond his means by buying branded apparels which was way more than he could afford. He eventually realised that he has to stop impulse purchases in order to manage the money that he has earned.


Social media can be a great platform to share your ideas and everyone will have different purposes in using it. Some will just want to share their knowledge while others are looking to be famous. It can be unhealthy to want to be famous from the beginning as the numbers and followers will matter a lot to you.

Getting started is easy and definitely recommend it as a supplement to your business if you have one. There is a huge untapped potential to it.

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