Sunday 4 April 2021

Q1 2021 Portfolio Update | Crypto, Stock Holdings and Dividends

We are in the month of April and the first quarter of the year is over. Great time to have an update on the portfolio. So today's video will be Q1 2021 Portfolio Update | Crypto, Stock Holdings and Dividends. Just an update on what positions I have initiated so far this year and how the portfolio is performing as a whole. Hope you like this rough overview of my portfolio! 

Stocks Portfolio

In terms of my current portfolio, I have added these few positions in 2021, 2 new counters and 2 existing:

  • Tesla - (Existing)
  • Vanguard Total World Stock ETF (NYSE:VT) - (Existing)
  • Palantir (New)
  • ARK Fintech Innovation ETF (ARKF) - (New)

VT and ARKF are part of the regular savings plan I have with FSMone and so it will be a recurring monthly addition. I switched out VOO for ARKF just to have a different kind of exposure. In my previous video, I believe that ARKF on Fintech being the next disruptive industry is very much true. Even though there are many Fintech companies around with Square being the largest holding in ARKF, I believe it will be an interesting space to watch as technology can further propel the finance industry into new heights.

As of Thursday, 1 April 2021, my portfolio is valued at $40,129 with a total return of about 10%. Not the best but I am happy with the growth as I changed my strategy to enter the US markets. The recent volatility involving Tesla has also impacted my portfolio as about 30% of my portfolio consist of Tesla partly due to it's tremendous growth. If the market goes up in the later part of 2021, I really hope to end the year with my portfolio value breaking $50,000. Subscribe to my channel to follow me on my progress!



Cryptocurrency Portfolio

My cryptocurrency portfolio is a small portion of my investment but it did balloon up a little over the past few months before dipping recently. It is interesting to have part of my portfolio in crypto. I know that there are people who really understand the aspects and bought it early, I only started reading up last year and with more interest from institutions and more retail investors, I was more confident to put a portion of my money in Oct 2020. 




Judging by the volatility of it, it is scary and exciting to follow up. It is also available 24/7 for buying and selling which makes it even more attractive as the market for cryptocurrencies doesn't close, you can buy and sell at anytime. I am holding only Bitcoin and Ether, missed out on Dogecoin (haha) but definitely will be investing more into Bitcoin and Ether over the long run although current prices have really gone up from what I originally bought in at. But I will not be putting a large amount in as the daily volatility makes me not want to put so much of my money in.


So let's talk about dividends, I don't think there will be any increase in dividends this year, 2021 as the pandemic is still around as vaccine programmes have been slowly rolled out. I will have a drop in dividends as I sold off First REIT last year. So not expecting to hit a monthly 3 digit dividend this year but I hope for at least a high 2 digit dividends. I have been focusing a lot on US stocks this year and so I have not been buying any local stocks where most of my dividends are from.

 This year, I have and will be receiving dividends from Tai Sin Electric, STI ETF, OCBC Bank, Far East Hospitality Trust, CapitaRetail China Trust, SGX and NikkoAM STI ETF so far announced. As you can see from the table, I received about monthly $60 per month last year which was a nice improvement year on year. But for 2021, I am expecting a lesser than $60 per month amount. I will slowly pivot towards dividend investing once my capital or portfolio is at a substantial amount for example, $300,000 or more.

Growth of portfolio

As many of my readers know, I am aiming to get $100,000 in assets excluding CPF before/when I am 30 years old. For now, my portfolio growth has been great in 2020 but we are definitely not able to predict the future and if 2021 will also be a great year for stocks. Judging by my current investment amount yearly (RSP and also extra investment cash) that I do, the portfolio will have some form of growth but it is not sufficient to be able to reach $100,000 by age 30. My main aim is actually not to set an achievement for a certain age (refer to seedly's article) but because I understand having a substantial amount in my portfolio will then allow me to see the true effects of compounding as mentioned by 15 hour work week. I want to reach there ($100,000) as soon as I can.

Hope you guys enjoy today's video as I update my investment portfolio and dividends for Q1 of 2021. If you like my content, do hit the like button and subscribe to my channel. Thanks for all the support and hope 2021 has been great so far!

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