Sunday 4 July 2021

Mid Year Review of Portfolio | Hitting $50,000

Time flies and we are halfway through 2021, nothing much have changed in my portfolio, Tesla has been experiencing a bit of a price rut at $500 - $600 hence not much changes/fluctuations in the stock portfolio. Time to review my portfolio and also some plans up ahead. June has been an interesting month, with stocks like AMC, CLOV, Corsair soaring to all time highs, I wonder how many people have profited from their investments.

Cryptocurrencies have also made a slight recovery, mostly Bitcoin as Elon mentioned that Tesla will take Bitcoin as payment once miners of the cryptocurrency can show they are using roughly 50% clean energy. This prompt quite a recovery for Bitcoin and then China came out strong in crypto mining crackdown hitting cryptocurrencies with a drastic drop and my largest holding Ether dropped below USD2000. This has shaved off quite a lot of my gains as it test new levels of low. Huge rollercoaster ride, whew! But of course, recovery is quick as people bought the dips.

Meanwhile, in SG, dining out can resume although only for 2 pax. It's already a pretty good concession considering the rise of new cases. Good that vaccination is also now available to all age group where the 39 years old and below can apply. It is nice dining out, sitting outside and just having a fresh and hot meal followed by coffee.

Portfolio Updates - Stocks

Stocks have been performing relatively well so far, not huge growth but definitely not dipping much like cryptocurrencies. My portfolio has grown to about $46,100 and although small, I am happy that there is still growth. Most of the green is from Tesla as it moved from the low $600 to high $600. I am only holding 19 shares and the fluctuations are already quite huge, imagine those with a larger positions.

I also sold Amara which was a small small portion of my portfolio as I used to do small purchases when I bought SG stock. Sold that at a loss as it was a hospitality stock and was not performing well currently, also wanted to clean up my portfolio.

I have now also started to record my net worth in terms of investment either on the last day of the month or first day (not very accurate, just as a gauge). Of course in the short term I am not expecting huge changes but over 10 or 20 years hoping to see the fluctuations and also hopefully growth. So far, I have started for 3 months so nothing too fancy yet in terms of changes.

Further breakdown of stocks in video

Portfolio Updates - Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are currently in the green for me though a lot of my profits have been shaved off as Bitcoin and Ether have dropped significantly in value especially Ether, which is hovering around USD2000. Not much updates for crypto, as I allocate a really small portion monthly and it really is a future development kinda thing where the infrastructure and systems are still being improved and build upon so time will tell if this investment pays off but I have high hopes for it.

Comparing to Q1

Read more: Q1 2021 Portfolio Update | Crypto, Stock Holdings and Dividends

Q1 ended in March 2021 where my stock portfolio was at $40,129 and currently it is at $46,100. Increase in value of course due to capital injection where I bought 3 shares of Tesla and also my regular saving plan with FSMone. Looking the performance currently, really liking the growth and although most of it is due to my capital injection, I think doing quarterly updates are better in my case as monthly, the growth is slow but looking from quarter to quarter, the numbers look pretty impressive.

At the end of Q1, my cryptocurrency portfolio was at $4642.40 (SGD) and at the end of Q2, value is now at about $6636.00 (SGD), not very accurate to be using fiat to compare cryptocurrencies as the value just fluctuates but we can just use it as a gauge.

Plans ahead for the year

I don't really have a certain dollar amount goal for my investment portfolio (stocks and cryptocurrencies) in the short term and with 6 months left for 2021, I will just see how it goes. For cryptocurrencies, I don't think there is a certain fiat value that I am looking at instead just hoping to increase my holdings over time. Currently, I am holding Bitcoin, Ether and Cardano. I believe there are numerous other coins that have more potential in transactions as seen in Chicken Genius video where he talked about NANO and I have also heard about SOL (Solana) but with such a low capital being DCA every month, I will just be sticking to the 3.

I am actually having itchy fingers to stop my regular savings plan and use the funds to buy individual stocks. AMD, Twitter and NVIDA, stocks in my watchlist have been going up and up. This makes me rather upset as the gains do looks rather attractive if I had build up the RSP amount and invested in either of them. On hindsight, of course everyone would say that they regret not investing in it earlier. Well, I guess this means that my income is really not a level where I have leftover amount of money to invest and I should build up my main income to have more extra cash to invest.

I have about 3/4 of $100,000 reached (cash, investment + saving plan - surrender value as of this year) but greatest hurdle would be that I am in a contract role currently hence my income is not "guaranteed" in a sense as there is an expiry date to it. So if I were to not be renewed or converted to a permanent role, then it will affect the building up of funds and even worse, if I cannot find a job after, I might have to eat into my savings. Anyway, happy that my investment portfolio has broke $50,000 as they always say, it's the small achievements that build up over time.

Besides financially, I think having work from home majority of the time from last year till now, I really want to start connecting with my friends, we have had some video calls but it really is different from meeting up physically. We haven't really been able to meet as we are a rather big group and meeting up is difficult due to the restrictions. Hoping to connect with my friends soon. All in all, great Q2 and looking forward to an even greater Q3, most importantly, stay safe and well!

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