Saturday 6 November 2021

Setting up a account to get the Credit Card

If you have been keeping up with my posts and videos, you would know that I have a FTX and Gemini account that I use to buy my cryptocurrencies. I do also have a Kucoin account just to buy Algorand which is one of the alt coins that I am DCA-ing into every month. offers more options than Gemini as it offers over 150+ cryptocurrencies compared to Gemini which offers about 50+ cryptocurrencies. I am also creating an account after seeing so many reviews on the credit card, I have decided to also create an account to buy some CRO to get started. Matt Damon has most recently also became the face of

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Setting up my account

I set up my account basically just using the app ( that I downloaded. After downloading the app, you will be prompted to use a referral code if you have, you can use mine if you would like to create an account (both of us will get USD25 once you stake for a Ruby card or above, referral code: evwynu4g57). Next you will have to do the normal KYC, providing your details and ID. Then creating your log in credentials and a log in passcode. The verification was pretty quick for me, all in a few hours. You can choose to view the prices in USD or SGD, which you can also update in settings anytime after that.

Creating and using StraitsX (Xfers) account to transfer SGD to account

To get funds into your account, you can transfer from other exchanges eg using Gemini to send DAI over for your purchases, just make sure you copied the correct address. Otherwise another easier way is to create a StraitsX account, which was previously known as Xfers. I had a Xfers account as I used to use it for it's really simple where after you have created an account, you have to use a bank account that is under your name and transfer your funds to the bank account of StraitsX then your funds will be available under the fiat tab. The funds are send over pretty quick.

Putting in your buy or sell orders

Buy is simple, just click at the bottom centre and you will be able to put in your buy or sell orders accordingly. Since I deposited SGD in, the prices I purchased in are set in SGD. So far, I have bought some CRO and will slowly build up that position and then apply for the card. Having different exchanges can be confusing but mostly, I buy and move them to for example, my Algo to my Algorand wallet, ETH and Bitcoin to Hodlnaut or cold wallet while I stake SOL and LUNA. So it's really about transferring the holdings around.

Another thing that I like about is that you can create recurring buys through weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. This is really for those who wants to automate all the investing which is great. I haven't really explored this function yet.

Why I am going for the credit card

The Turtle Investor wrote about the card a long long time ago and recently released another article on it. It really explains the benefits of having the card and how the rebates work. The card benefits differ based on the amount of CRO you stake but it's interesting to have a card that give you rebates back for Netflix and Spotify. I am thinking of getting the card but you will need to purchase and hold the CRO for 180 days approximately 6 months and then you can transfer it back to your wallet. I am debating on this point as I want the Jade Green card but it requires $5000 SGD worth of CRO and for me, it is a rather large amount to begin with and I will also need to lock it up for 6 months. Otherwise, I will go for a Ruby Steel card first which requires $500 worth of CRO but to upgrade in future, a SGD 50 is needed for the replacement card. Overall, after downloading the app, I would say that I am so far pretty pleased with it. Staking of CROs can further amplify the benefits you get just like with FTX with the FTX token.

If you are considering to open a account, you can use my referral code otherwise, you can give Gemini or FTX a try too.

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  1. Ruby Steel is a good compromise - very good value without too much capital up-front. Recommended for most people ;)

    1. Yes, I did go online and saw that once you have build up enough capital, upgrade but you can still hold onto the ruby steel card with upgraded benefits without getting the replacement card. Meaning you save on the replacement fee of $50 but still enjoy the perks. But for now, I am going for the ruby steel:)

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