Sunday 14 November 2021

Do you love dividends? | Why I have slowly moved away from dividend investing and what am I buying?

Dividends was a huge driving force behind why I started investing back in 2017. I loved the concept of having dividends paid out by holding a certain stock, I mean who don't love a constant payout of money throughout the year? However, with my investment returns not turning well with dividend investing due to my small capital, I have moved away from dividend investing and more towards riskier but higher growth stocks and assets.

Aiming for that cashflow monthly or growth in portfolio value?

As I have shown in my previous portfolio reviews, I tabulate the dividends I receive monthly and annually I receive about a 3 digit amount which to me is not bad. I liked it but my portfolio was growing at a low pace as dividend companies tend to be stable in their prices means no fluctuations and what more when they are SGX-listed companies. Hence, I changed my strategy by investing my money to US stocks as well as cryptocurrencies. I think being young, I wanted to take on more risk plus volatility with my money on asset that can grow at a faster rate.

Putting cash to other areas as I have a constant income

I have stopped investing in dividend companies or rather SGX listed stocks like REITs as I divert my cash to US stocks and cryptocurrencies like many others as the returns are really attractive. Of course, I have to say that the market have been in an uptrend specially so for the US market as interest rates are low and the Fed has been printing money to buy assets hence maintaining the prices of assets and the market.

I watched some videos and some mentioned that once interest rates are raised, there might be a stock market crash but no one knows. We will have to see how it goes. With my salary coming in every month, I put a portion to stocks and another portion to cryptocurrencies before splitting the remaining amount for expenses and savings.

How am I investing?

This year, I have really seen the growth of my portfolio and to be honest, I started investing in 2017 but the growth was slow when my portfolio was small.only in 2021, did I really see the effects. In Q1 2021, my portfolio was at $40,000 plus (crypto + stocks), Q2 2021, it grew to above $50,000 and Q3 it went to $64,000.

In Oct 2021, with Tesla shares hitting $1000, my total portfolio is now about $80,000. VWRA and VT which are the next few substantial holdings are also hitting ATH. Of course, the market doesn't only just go up but I have found a way of investing that I am comfortable with and that is to dollar cost average. Even though I might missed out on the lows but at least there is a fixed routine of putting in money.

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I came across a few Seedly community questions where people asked, "VOO is now at ATH, should I wait before investing or should I just invest now?" I too also face this dilemma, especially so every month, it hits ATH, I will wonder should I save it up first before investing but knowing myself, it is better to have a regular investing plan then to time the best (bottom point) to invest because by then I wouldn't dare to put my money in.

With the strong market sentiments and the growth of the stock market, it is pretty scary thinking about when the next market crash is coming. I haven't experienced any market crash and when it comes, I am sure I will be shocked. So, I am also trying to build up my cash position and maybe keeping a portion as stablecoins to earn interest on Hodlnaut. So that is my plan currently. Just staying invested and keeping to my DCA plan towards the end of the year. Hope you guys enjoy this summary, do hit the like button and subscribe to my channel. Thank you:)

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