Sunday 12 December 2021

Minting my first NFT (Mad Meerkat) | Right click + Save

NFTs have been the rage so far and digital assets are what people are looking at. From virtual land to ships, the possibilities are endless as almost everything can be a digital asset, it's just whether how valuable will it be. I have been following various NFT sites and do want to own an NFT, something that can be called mine and is registered on the blockchain. But of the course, the hype and prices do make me apprehensive to buy in.

On 8 December, I saw on the Chain Debrief's Telegram chat on a NFT release where they provided the link and mentioned that it was on the Cronos chain, something that I am familiar with also NFT Debrief did also earlier posted on it on Instagram. The project is the Mad Meerkat (MM), where there are 777 genesis MM on Ethereum Chain and 10,000 of it on the Cronos Chain. The one I minted was 1 of the 10,000 on the Cronos Chain. Besides getting the copyrighted materials of the MM, one other interesting feature of getting the MM is a higher daily yield on the which is a Automated Market Maker.

Why get an NFT

A lot people might ask, why own an NFT? I think it really is intriguing and once you understand what you are buying, it changes a lot of things. Being part of a community or a project that you like and wanting to grow or just owning a piece of something that you like is one of the reasons why you should get an NFT. I know that MM is not a project as big as BAYC or Cryptopunks but this recent podcast by Chain Debrief with an owner of 2 BAYC explains very well on NFTs value. I think I liked what he said on it depends on why you are going into it, some go in for the sole purpose of making money but for him he will only really go in if he likes the community and project which means he will not get it so cheap.

For me, I think one of the reason I got in was the first the accessibility of it, using CROs was simple and easy for me. Next, I actually like the design of the Meerkats where they look kinda crazy and explains why it's called Mad Meerkats. On the community, I have only just joined the discord and so I haven't really explored much yet. This is the first NFT I have minted and it costs 299 CROs. It feels quite surreal buying a digital piece of item/art. The team behind Mad Meerkat is from Asia and consist of 6 of them, I think they are all currently anonymous. Amazing that a group of 6 can come up with a project like this (the crypto world is really filled with talents), in the FAQ, it was mentioned that some of them used to be from companies like Ethereum Foundation and consenSYS. It was really easy and straightforward minting it.

How I mint Mad Meerkat

You will of course need a metamask wallet but you can also use the DeFi Wallet but for me, I used metamask. If you have CROs available in, you can transfer it via the cronos network type to your metamask, do remember to transfer more as gas fees will apply on everything you do. Next, after transferring, go to and connect your wallet then click mint. So far, as of writing (10 Dec), it has been fully minted but I have seen many people who bought more than 1 seeing from the discord group. The top 1 holder holds about 102 MM. For me, I just minted 1, not sure where all this leads me to.


Since all the Mad Meerkat has been minted, the creators have also released a rarity check here. The NFT I minted is ranked 1955 in terms of rarity, not too rare. You can take a look at the NFT I have minted, I love it, although some say the look is not very pretty but I love the accessories and colours. I haven't made the change of my display picture to it, still pondering but am really happy! Short video and article today, do hit the like button and subscribe to my channel if you enjoy my content.

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