Saturday 25 December 2021

Experiencing the loss of a loved one | Taking a short break

*Nothing finance related here, just a reflection and noting down my emotions for me to visit in time to come. 

As I am writing this, it is 25 December 2021, Christmas Day. As with many others, I was expecting a weekend of great company and food. However, on Christmas Eve we were told to prepare for the worst and on Christmas day, it happened. We all knew and expected it to come soon but just not having a deadline in mind, we tend to think it wasn't going to happen. 

It is a relief for him, at least what I think, as he wasn't having a good appetite and was lying down most of the time. The memories do flow back as I think of the times he cooked breakfast, tied my hair and prepare me for school everyday when I was young. It was a period of time when my grandfather took great care of me and I am thankful and hence why I am feeling a sense of regret of not spending more time with him. 

I think we have heard of this so many times, cherish the people around you while they are there and once you lose them, there is nothing much you can do. Even though there is nothing much you can do, the memories live on in you and I am happy that there were many happy memories made. 

It still feels a little surreal but time will pass and we will get used to it. I have actually prepared a few articles that I was going to record and release over the next few weeks but I will take a short break and enter 2022 with more learnings to share. Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as we break into 2022!


  1. My condolences for your loss. Usually these kind of stuff is difficult for us to say much. Hope you can find the best way to honor his memory and move forward with life.

  2. Chance on this. Mentally has been going through what might happen as you have described. There is limit we can do as human.

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