Sunday 2 January 2022

End of Year Portfolio Review & Reflections | Inching real close to $100,000

Bye 2021! It has been a huge year for me as I experienced changes in my career, finances and also on a personal level. Of course, this post will very much be on my finances and portfolio updates as I think overall it has performed pretty well.

In terms of my investments this year, I have really increased my risk tolerance and went ahead to allocate more into cryptocurrencies as I find out more about the used cases and how it can provide a better growth rate for my money due to the many various reasons (mainly due to cutting out the middleman). I got the chance to explore DeFi as I joined the Chain Debrief community and it’s been a journey of discovery. Although I have discovered many ways to grow my money, there is a lack of funds as there is only so much I can work with on my monthly income. I try to maximise it as much as I can but am still building the funds up. It’s like there is so much on my mind that I want to do but there is only so much I can do, haha, the contradiction.

*Data and numbers are accurate as of 31 December 2021 as value does fluctuate quite a lot due to the price volatility.

Stocks Portfolio

My stocks portfolio was on a roller coaster ride as well as Tesla is about more than half of my stocks portfolio value. Considering the ride to $1200 then back down and slightly up again, every night was interesting and exciting. Besides adding onto Tesla, where my average cost currently is about $544, I also added QQQ in. I found VOO and VT to be a little too diversified for my liking. QQQ is more concentrated as the top 10 holdings is about 30% of the whole ETF meaning that the top 10 takes up a more concentrated position. Going forward, I will either add on more Tesla shares or QQQ as I don’t really spend much time reading up on stocks nowadays and prefer just invest in what I am currently already holding. So let’s dive into the numbers. At the end of 2020, my stocks portfolio was at a value of about $33,000 and currently it is at about $61,000. There are of course, capital injection that made it almost double in value but the growth of the stocks have also contributed much to it. Compared to November 2021 though, the portfolio has dropped slightly in value as we did have ATHs in Nov 2021 for Tesla. 

Cryptocurrencies Portfolio

Cryptocurrencies have really been occupying my time as there are just numerous projects popping up and so much learning to be done. I have heard people saying that 1 week in crypto feels like a month and a month feels like a year because you are learning so much and your gains might also be exponential. For me, I did find myself getting very distracted as I look for ways to maximise my gains but lost some money especially in yield farming. I was also new and was kinda like paying fees to learn. After learning more, I have moved to using stablecoins for yield farming to be able to at least “protect” my capital as other cryptocurrencies does have high price volatility. Currently, I do have some money in yield-farming like a really small amount and I just harvest the yield monthly or weekly depending if the harvesting justify the gas fees.

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I have also ventured into NFTs as I bought my first NFT, Mad Meerkat, which I am still holding onto and staking it for that extra boost in yield-farming. It was an interesting journey, the NFT is worth more than I have bought it for although we do not know in future as the team, roadmap and community matters a lot but so far, I am enjoying the community in Discord as we have Christmas giveaways and events to participate and show our NFTs. There is currently a project I am looking at which is the CROugar (minting will be in Jan 2022) and similar to the Mad Meerkat, it will be on the Cronos chain.

In terms of my crypto portfolio growth, it really is the one pushing my whole investment portfolio up. Although my top 2 largest holding, ETH and BTC have been lagging behind in growth comparing to other alts like LUNA, AVAX and SOL, they have been the ones that brought me the largest returns. I am slowly channeling my funds to others as there is a higher chance of them 10x or even 100X. My crypto portfolio currently is at about $26,000.

Investing Strategy going into 2022

Moving forward towards 2022, I want to firstly, have more concentrated holdings although that will not be easy due to the huge amount of developments in the crypto space and not like when I first started where BTC and ETH was the guaranteed few to grow in time to come although they are still but potential to grow might be lesser than others. I will try to focus on 3 main holdings for my cryptocurrencies and just build them up.

Next, I like to also increase my cash flow using the various method available in crypto with stablecoins. It is astonishing seeing the APY that you can get in the crypto world and if you have a sum of money, you can start to generate cash flow to fund your lifestyle or to add onto your investments. As most of my readers know, Hodlnaut is easily my first choice as the ease of depositing and withdrawing is great, also if you are not too comfortable or good with navigating DeFi, Hodlnaut provides you with customer services and help if you require them. After using Hodlnaut to build up some cash flow with stablecoins, I want to also explore Anchor Protocol which LUNAtics really advocate which uses UST, an algorithmic stablecoin that works with the LUNA token. Currently, the APY is about 19% which is great for compounding or just generating some form of interest per month/year/day. All of the above would require funds so I would need to evaluate my allocation as I still want to be investing a certain amount in. All in all, I am looking forward to a better 2022 and it’s been a good 2021 although my social interactions really greatly reduced but things have been so far so good and I am grateful for that. How have your 2021 been and what projects are you looking out for? Do share them with me. Hope you guys enjoy the content and wishing all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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