Sunday, 9 January 2022

Am I doing enough? | Feeling if I have accomplished enough in my 20s

Came across The WokeSalaryman cute drawing on how life is a path we all walk along. This got me into some reflecting and thinking. As another year passes, I have been doing a lot of thinking on what I have been doing, will continue to do and most importantly what have I achieved and what is my direction for my late 20s as I progress towards the wonderful 30s, haha.

A lot of reflection so not so much of finance today, although I would touch a little on it. Reflection to me usually means comparison although I try not to do it because comparison kills, I will never be the best nor the worse and comparing just sinks me into more depressing stuff if I get too much with the comparing. I would say 20s is really a time when there are many changes around your life and if not, you would see the changes or developments in the people around your age.


In my early 20s, I transited from being a student to working adult and you kinda lose the freedom of scheduling your time. When I was in school previously, I would schedule my timetable to be packed on a few certain weekdays and this would leave 1 or 2 weekdays free for me to do my own things. This meant that I had a lot of flexibility over my time and what I wanted to do during my free time.

Then after graduating, work suddenly takes up most of your time on weekdays from 9am - 6pm and your annual leave becomes the only way for you to properly take a break besides the weekends and after office hours. I took awhile to adjust to that schedule and I really wanted to have more free time on hand but well, I am exchanging time for money. I slowly got used to it and with colleagues that were great, it seems like everything was going well although some times the workload was heavy. Now, into a new job, I haven't got to physically meet my colleagues yet and working from home changes your whole perspective of working.

I have to say that our generation or the current workforce would have a lot of adapting and change to handle in terms of our work styles and also just what we envisioned work to be because this whole pandemic changed how work is defined and certain industries really went through an overhaul as physical labour is reduced and automation starts taking over.

I do question myself at times whether do I see my current role being automated in the future and I have to say, "Yes, I do see a high possibility of it" and this kind of makes me think much deeper about my future and what should I do? Although currently, I am not making much changes in terms of my career though I see impending disaster coming haha.

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I would say I got 'woke' about my finances pretty early on but I did not have a large capital saved up and also my salary is not as huge for me to invest as much as I want. Of course, I would say I am doing pretty all right but when you see friends or acquaintances of similar age and having saved or invest much more, you do question yourself on whether can you do better. But in terms of finances, I am all right as I have the basics/foundation done up and I just need to build on it. I believe it just needs time and capital.

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I have to admit, I don't have many friends and not to mention I am an introvert. It really takes a lot of effort for me to even start a conversation with people or even to continue the conversation. It's really no good because you start to realise the importance of communication skills as you grow older and how a wider social circle can help you in anything and everything. Job opportunities or even chances to grow your fortune, a wider network is what gets you opportunities but sadly, I am far from it.

My social circle has really reduced ever since my university days, even meeting up with some of my friends seems so troublesome as we all have our own commitments. Finding time to connect is difficult and then having to catch up on each other's life is one other thing. Coupled with the pandemic + restrictions, it seems to widen the distance between us. Even though I really cherish some of the time spent with them, it is difficult to keep that same closeness we had.

What am I doing or wanting to achieve?

Often, I would see celebrities around my age and looking their successes, I would feel a little underachieving. But I know we all have our struggles and face different difficulties. I always am grateful for the things I have. I have to admit I am so much luckier than many people, having a roof over my head, having a job and just being able to have my freedom, I would say I am in a better position than many around the world. It's just the constant thinking if I am doing enough as I see others advance ahead. All right, too much thinking. I am grateful for everything that I have and I think I should give thanks to that.

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  1. Nice reflective piece! Same as you, in mid/late 20s and doing well on the financial + career side. Need to work on r/s and social circle more! definitely great to realise what we can improve on and make baby steps towards that end. Also in the meantime, gotta work on ourselves, positive people attract positive people :) Jiayou! :)

    1. Hey buddy! Great to know that there are ppl who are in a similar situation as me. Yes, let's work on being better and of course happy and positive!