Sunday 3 April 2022

Q1 2022 Portfolio Review | On a roller coaster ride

Welp, it’s been a crazy first few month of 2022. I am feeling exhausted following the news and keeping up with the updates of the world. I would like to emphasis that I am in a very privileged position to be talking about my finances and portfolio updates when people at the other side of the world are suffering and living in constant fear as their peaceful lives were robbed from them. Hoping we can all understand each other and help one another through these difficult times. If I were to read back from a few years time, I hope the world would recover and that everyone would be safe and happy ๐Ÿ™‚

Q1 2022 was devastating in the beginning for my portfolio although things have picked up towards the end. I think I have not gone through so much volatility in such a short period of time. Portfolio didn’t really have much growth with the monthly DCA as it is a minimal amt being injected in. But the recovery so far has been great for the portfolio. You can also roughly gauge my portfolio value although not huge but we can see quite a growth from 2021. I only started recording the value of my portfolio in mid-2021 so I can’t see how it compares to 2021 until the later part of the year.

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Not much difference in my stock holdings as compared to my end of year portfolio review except a slight increase in Tesla holdings and that I sold off most of my SG stocks. When I mean slight increase in Tesla, it really is slight, just increased it by 2 shares as my monthly DCA amount is minimal so using Syfe Trade has helped me a lot as I can do fractional investing and just make sure that my few hundred is getting invested monthly. Seeing Tesla’s growth as the world starts to be aware that they do need to reduce their reliance on oil and gas but of course, in the short term, it is still very much needed. Giga Berlin also opened and Tesla has high demand in Europe. Giga Berlin is also it’s first manufacturing location in Europe and the most advanced, sustainable and efficient facility yet. In recent quarters, Tesla has been exporting cars from China to customers in Europe. China is a huge provider in terms of exporting of the cars.

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Recently, it also announced that it will have a vote during this year’s annual general meeting on whether the stockholders would like a stock split. I think it’s a pretty big decision and it has been only a short while since it’s previous stock split in 2020. The share price has gone above $1000 and I think it’s in a really great position as delivery number do look to be climbing as demand increases and new factories are available. So here’s the stocks portfolio proportion accordingly.

 Stocks are pretty standard for me unlike crypto where all the action is and so for stocks, mostly into Tesla and occasionally ETFs. That’s all, pretty boring but happy to keep it that way as cryptocurrencies do keep me busy with all the news and new protocols. Although mostly I am lurking on Twitter and just reading.


For cryptocurrencies, I have done a clean up on my portfolio and focused a lot more on ETH and LUNA. The Terra ecosystem has been really interesting as I learn about arbitrage opportunities, delta neutral strategies using Mirror and just being able to utilise the Anchor borrowing platform and looping it to get more LUNA is so fun! I was previously holding a lot of small positions (Algorand and FTM), FTM still has a lot of growth potential but I do want to instead concentrate my positions and so I sold it off and focus mainly on ETH and LUNA.

The recent run up of Bitcoin and ETH has bumped up my portfolio value. I also deployed a substantial amount of stablecoins to ETH when it was around USD2900 - USD3000. I will still continue to DCA and might take profits along the way depending how it is. Here is the portfolio of my cryptocurrencies.

 I know that there are many opportunities to grow your money in crypto and usually those who are looking for the next 10X do not buy the top 10 as their market cap is already of a certain size and I don’t think anyone is expecting BTC or ETH to 10X from here haha. But I know that there will need to be certain amount of research or you need to know where the momentum is whether people are buying in to the alt coins that you are intiating a position in. There are many great projects but with nobody buying them = no price action. I am ok to continue building on ETH and LUNA position as I went in both at a relatively lower price (not as low as you think but lower than the price now).

But of course, in crypto, the movement and narrative changes rapidly and new things keep popping out. You can’t be in everything unless you have huge capital on hand. We will review again at the end of Q2 2022 on whether it has worked out for the better or worse.

Moving forward

I haven’t reached my goal of having $100,000 in my investments but I am really really close. If it continues being such a upward market for the rest of 2022, I am confident I will be able to reach it. Otherwise, moving forward, I will DCA in, it takes time to see the results but so far so good (crosses fingers). I am also travelling overseas and so will need to not invest too aggressively as I save a bit more for air tickets, accommodation and overseas expenses will be high due to inflation and I will be off for more than half a month which is considerably long. There are still a lot of unknown factors (eg ART/PCR test results) to ensure that I can fly and also not sure whether rules will change. Staying both excited but cautious as well.

An articles I read this week that I thought was interesting:

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