Sunday 12 June 2022

Q2 Portfolio Review | Step back from my goals

Very early post as I got the dates mixed up! I came back from an overseas trip and am still struggling to get over the jetlag which is really killing my sleep cycle and I accidentally created this post and published it choice. Let’s just dive into the review.

It’s only been 3 weeks since the LUNA/UST crash and wow, it feels like it’s happened really long ago though. Crypto moves fast and having to deal with the LUNA/UST crash.

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Stocks Portfolio

Let’s talk about my stock portfolio first, it is still all right, not as much loss as crypto and most of the losses are from Tesla as it is my largest holding and has experienced a significant drop. I am currently focusing on getting QQQ now. Yes, after what happened to LUNA & UST, I feel safer with diversification and to be honest, this has also influenced me in my stocks purchases. So back to the index funds and DCA. Ending Q2 at about $40,000.

Crypto Portfolio

Painful to even talk about this because my crypto value fell more than 50%, although I did mentioned that I lost about 4000 USD in the LUNA/UST crash, I considered that my capital but before that, in my previous portfolio updates, I included my unrealised profits as well when I was calculating my portfolio. My entry price into LUNA was also pretty low, not as low as others but I was profiting by quite a bit although it doesn’t really matter now. So technically I lost much more than 4000 USD especially since LUNA was almost $100 in the beginning of Q1 of 2022. BTC and ETH have also seen significant falls since Q1. CRO, SOL and Chainlink which I have small positions of have also fell drastically. I sold and clean up my crypto portfolio even though things are down down down, I just wanted to clean it up and also focus on stacking BTC and ETH. So boring DCA action resume for both BTC and ETH. Ending Q2 at about $18,000. A very huge drastic drop compared to Q1. I might have also miscalculated or underestimated my exposure to LUNA/UST but anyway what’s done is done, I will just look ahead.

Overall Portfolio

I think overall, the portfolio has taken a hit from stocks to crypto and even my stablecoin position ahem UST.....I thought entering 2022, I might be able to hit $100,000 by the end of the year but boy oh boy, my portfolio got hammered instead.

 I am definitely more in a defensive position now, adding only to core positions, QQQ for stocks as I believe big tech will still continue their dominance and tech in general while for crypto, BTC and ETH are the two I am building positions in. I am a buy and hold investor although it seems like I haven’t been rewarded yet for holding.

The first half of 2022 has definitely taught me lots, that taking profit is good and allows you to at least secure some profits. Otherwise, I have to be ready to ride the volatility and see the unrealised profits decrease. I do believe in holding quality index funds for the long term but it is nice if I had sold around the top in 2021 but of course, this is all in hindsight.

Cash position is really low at the moment as I just had an overseas trip and spent significant amounts there. Inflation is really affecting the world. For Q2 2022, not much updates except the drop in portfolio value, still building up my positions and hoping to just see the world in a better position at the end of 2022. The rising costs and supply issues are worrying. The recent fresh chicken shortage has really create some anxiety as Singapore is very much reliant on imports for our food so even if it is diversified, what if the world experiences the same shortages and cuts their supply together, it does spell some trouble for us. Thanks for staying till the end, see you guys in the next portfolio update in Q3!

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    1. Oops, one month early! hahaha, I have got my quarters mixed up

  3. solely based on savings,100k by 30 shouldnt be too difficult. do a breakdown of yr income and expenses