Sunday 31 December 2023

End of Year Portfolio Review | Total Investments hits $100,000, marching towards $150,000 by end of 2024

2023 is almost over and the stock market as well as the world has been on a whirlwind of emotion ride. Wars are happening and yet the stock market has been recovering steadily towards the year end. It is a lot more positive in the market than what I expected. 

As we review my financial portfolio, let’s also pray for those suffering and hope that this difficult time will be over for them soon. With my total net worth hitting $100,000 about 1 or 2 months back, with the bull market in stocks and cryptocurrencies, my investment portfolio alone without cash has also hit the $100,000 mark.

With that, it is nice seeing the 6 digit goal being hit before I turn 30 in 2025. Aiming for $150,000 for when I reach 30 years old but not too extreme now as I think I can let off some steam since reaching $100,000. The data on my portfolio below is recorded on 24 December 2023 on Christmas Eve for the record.

Stocks Portfolio (Data recorded on 24 December 2023)

This has been a great recovery year, consistently buying monthly has helped with the portfolio value and happy with where it is although Tesla is still a large portion but trying to bring it down by adding onto index ETFs like QQQ.

Cryptocurrencies Portfolio (Data recorded on 24 December 2023)

Wow, what a great end to cryptocurrencies, I was not adding much positions throughout the year so not crazy gains for this portion of the portfolio but I have been HODL-ing to my positions so it was nice to see the jump in value and it contributed in helping my investment portfolio to hit past $100,000. Crypto has not been back at all time highs but we can see some recovery.

Not really adding positions here although from various opinions online that 2024 is the year of cryptocurrency since multiple huge events are coming up like the Bitcoin spot ETF, Bitcoin halving and institutions wanting/having to allocate a portion into crypto. Maybe will add some ETH but other than that, not much here. Saw some altcoins going crazy like the previous bull market, as people double their portfolios with them but at the moment, not into that.

Syfe REITs (Data recorded on 24 December 2023)

REITs have seen some improvement since Powell mentioned about holding rates and that they are thinking of stopping rate hikes at the moment. The jump was quite substantial as my Syfe REITs portfolio jumped from a loss to profit. Not changing much here, reinvesting dividends since my portfolio is not huge enough to allow dividends to be paid out and a contribution monthly.


Options (mostly covered calls) have been something I picked up at the later half of 2023 and still learning a lot from it. So far, it has been a profit but I did make mistakes a few times when I first started. I did weekly covered calls on Tesla which is a volatile stock so within a week, it can fluctuate huge and hit the strike price. I had 2 occasions where the strike price was hit, I was afraid of missing out on gains and immediately bought back on Monday which was a wrong move as with any huge tick up, a correction would happen and prices would drop so on that 2 occasions I could have waited and bought back with no losses but I FOMO-ed and bought in straight when market open.

However, the difference was not huge since I bought weekly so total premiums would still make it a profit but recently, I have moved to monthly where I can choose a further strike price and get reasonable premiums due to time decay.

Currently only doing it on GOOGL and TSLA, GOOGL is relatively steady so it’s been good so far, premiums are not as high as TSLA but it is a good balance. I am not adding to any individual stocks so the premiums are usually redirected to buying of QQQ. Not much premiums in terms of overall but some nice extra change to build up cash or set some buys. Not focusing huge on options as I just see it as a small supplement.

Total Portfolio (Data recorded on 24 December 2023)

Since hitting $100,000 in investments, can really see the larger fluctuations in that 10% is suddenly a larger number compared to $10,000. Looking forward to growing it to $200,000 but watching out as well on the positions/risk. 2024 will be an exciting year for the markets as Bitcoin spot ETF and Bitcoin halving will lead to volatility and even major adoption of Bitcoin. Even for the stock market, interest rate cuts and inflation will be major indicators but we can also see tensions raising among nations and most recently the Red Sea attacks. All these will bring about huge disruptions and we shall see how things go.

Starting my Youtube channel again

I have always been interested in content creation and recording my journey but laziness got the better of me in recent years so I was not churning out as many articles and videos really require substantial effort. But for 2024, hoping to start releasing some youtube videos although I think focusing on articles are still my main focus.

Interesting to see how different platforms attract different age groups and reach different populations. Wishing that 2024 will be a peaceful year and fruitful year as I enjoy the last year of my twenties!

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  1. Congratulations on your $100K milestone!

  2. Hi! Congrats on your 100k! I also still have crypto Ethereum remaining in Gemini but have no idea how to sell or withdraw, would you have any advice on this? :)

  3. congrats on hitting 100k!

    "Saw some altcoins going crazy like the previous bull market, as people double their portfolios with them but at the moment, not into that." - what will make you change your mind?

    @anon with Eth in Gemini - unsolicited advice is to hodl till number goes up (~1 year) and then sell.

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