Saturday 6 April 2024

It is my birthday month! | Last year of my twenties

We are now into the month of March. Time flies, I wanted this out in the early part of March but it has dragged on for quite awhile. March is quite a special month as it is my birthday month! It is always an exciting month as you meet up with friends and family but for about 1/3 of the month, I will be spending it overseas. It will be the first time I visit this country and first trip of the year so pretty exciting but a lot of preparation works.

Last year of my twenties

I have repeated this multiple times but it’s hasn’t fully registered in my head, it is my LAST YEAR OF TWENTIES! Never really thought about how I would feel entering my thirties soon since I didn’t keep track of my age ever since I was 24 then the pandemic snatched 2 years from me, making it so comfortable staying at home and being alone.

But I still want to make this year fabulous and amazing so not too sure how it will be but going to be doing things that 5 years later/10 years later me would thank the current me for starting.

Having more fun

Taking things more lightly from here and spending more as I think it is maybe time to loosen a little and relax. Planning a few trips this year and hoping to find time to do interesting things. Of course, investing would still be my core but not like super important as I think it is like a milestone, having lived out my twenties so time to spend a portion and enjoy life.

Taking more care of my health and fitness

Having the flexibility to work from home has made me relatively lazier and leading quite a sedentary life, I can feel myself getting lazier and unhealthy. I have signed up for a gym membership and so far has been diligently going in a few times per week. Took a break for a week since I was overseas but hoping to make it a habit and continue.


I am happy with how my finances are although in Singapore, money is never enough, the inflation these few years have made me realised that growing your money and increasing your income is so important. Nothing is going to stay constant, Singapore is still relatively affordable in terms of daily necessities as compared to the western counterparts but if things continue in it’s current state, it can become really tough to sustain with no income increase and more commitments in the future eg mortgage.

I hope to be able to free up more cash to invest, I have been rather lax recently and burst my spending budgets for some months especially with the end of year festive period and CNY followed by an overseas trip.

Making it all about the present and enjoying the moment as much as I can

I want to live more in the present, stop thinking of what others think of me. Not in a too crazy way but in a be myself way. Taking one day at a time and making it great!


  1. Happy belated birthday!

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