Wednesday 10 April 2024

Q1 2024 Portfolio Review | Crypto is back and running!

Here we are recording the financials for Q1 2024, feels like the year just started a few days ago with CNY and in the blink of an eye, we are at the end of Q1 2024. The markets have been crazy with AI and cryptocurrencies leading the pack. My portfolio is not so oriented towards AI however I do hold a small position in Bitcoin and Ethereum, with that, the value of the portfolio has increased substantially. I am a small holder of Bitcoin and Ethereum so I can only imagine how insane for those who hold a large amount of cryptocurrency in their portfolio.

The portfolio performed pretty well in Q1 and I am rather satisfied with how it is, the recovery of crypto especially with the BTC ETFs have helped the portfolio propel to new highs, although going into Q2, prices have dropped slightly.

Stocks Portfolio

Stocks portfolio was rather flat and instead downwards since Tesla hasn’t performed well in Q1 and the numbers released so far is showing that not as much cars was sold as expected. There are also rumors (not confirmed?) that Tesla will not have the model 2 which is the low cost EV. But there is an announcement that there will be a robo-taxi being announced/shown on 8 August 2024 so that will be something to look forward to.

Another position that I had was AMD, my average price was about $110 and I sold it for a profit, moving it over to QQQ. AMD will be coming out with their results but I just wanted to take profit and move it over to QQQ. I was previously doing covered calls with Tesla and AMD but now, will just occasionally do it with Tesla.

I like to build up a position of QQQ before venturing into individuals stocks. Great that my AMD position was in profit, allowed me to take profit, Tesla is still underwater for me and so we shall see how it goes. I usually record the numbers either on the last day of first day or the new month hence explaining why it records till April numbers although Q1 ends on March.

Although Tesla was down, QQQ did well and so here is the value of it:


Amazing quarter for cryptocurrencies as they were pumped up with BTC ETF and the exposure expanded with memecoins and NFTs making a comeback. And when the interest builds up, it attracts a lot of attention as we see individuals gain unimaginable profits within a short time.

The anticipation of BTC ETF was predicted to be huge as people saw that there would be huge inflows towards the ETFs since individuals who wanted exposure but found it troublesome to create an account in an exchange and having to buy and store it in the exchange or cold wallet.

Imagine being in your 60s and looking at FTX collapse, I don’t think I would trust any other exchanges. But the name Blackrock changes everything since they would manage the BTC ETF so I guess for some, the BTC ETF is a great way for exposure to Bitcoin.

The prices have been steadily increasing with some dips along the way, I am not adding any huge positions but might continue to buy a small amount of ETH as my paycheck comes in monthly. But I guess I will see how it goes after the BTC halving roughly around 20 April.

Syfe REITs

REITs have seen a slight recovery at least in the case of Syfe REITs, it has been dropping and dropping so a slight recovery is good to see although we don’t know when it will recover back to it’s usual prices before the interest rate hike, with the slow DCA I have been doing monthly, just $200 monthly, it has build up to a pretty nice amount, including dividends, I would have some profit but overall still a loss since I did start when interest rates were just being cut.

Not stopping that small amount monthly, I will be putting in until some time and I will have the dividends do it’s job with no addition from me until a certain age then I will activate the payouts.

Going into Q2 2024

The rates cuts are anticipated but no one can really confirm when it will start. We shall see how it goes anyway there will be some rate cuts starting this year, trying to keep some cash on the side but a bad habit of mine is that I like every available cash on hand to be invested as I have this fear of missing out.

Not a very good habit because when the market falls, I find myself not having spare cash to invest (not touching my emergency funds). Also, this causes me not want to sell shares as I am afraid that the moment I sell it, it goes up. I need to be more detached and take profits when there is a need.

Keeping schedule of my monthly contributions and making sure I am staying invested are my 2 priorities at the moment, other than that, learning to work and enjoy life at the same time is also what I am working on. Wishing for a new ATH for Q2 2024.

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