Wednesday 19 June 2024

FOMO on Nvidia | Should I still get in right now?

FOMO hits hard and especially today as news and friends around talk about Nvidia. Opening my instagram and twitter today, I saw all of this and much much more:


Huge news but at the same time, it feels like I missed out on all the gains. I have a friend who is rather into the semiconductor industry hence he was invested in various semiconductor stocks early on, he did mentioned it to me at that time but I brushed it as it was not an industry I was interested in. Too technical and it feels like it was a really niche area.

Fast forward a few months to Covid, it seems like the supply chain was reliant on semiconductors for every electrical applicances. Still, I was not paying any attention to it as every other area like crypto, Tesla seem so much more exciting. Moving forward, the AI wave together with ChatGPT came like a tsunami and companies with hardware for AI is taking the lead in their earnings and growth as technology companies and every other companies are trying to purchase the hardware for AI compute.

Should I go in now?

Nvidia is still going to do well I think in the short term as we can see orders coming in still for it’s GPU. I don’t really know the technical things for semiconductors, CPU and GPU, design of chips and manufacturers, I think that’s about all I know.

It does feel upsetting to be missing out on all of the growth, there might be more growth incoming but I think I am not going to go in at the moment because I do feel that I have missed out the large proportion of it’s growth and I am saving up cash for some leisure travel so not going to initiate a position as I would only be able to have a small position.

 I have friends who invested in it and have their portfolio rocket 🚀. I do feel jealous looking at it, the growth has been massive so I comfort myself by saying that I do holding Nvidia as well via my QQQ positions. Haha, I know it is different but somewhat the same?

Overall, I enjoy the memes and glad that the market overall is hitting ATHs, my portfolio has been steadily growing and my QQQ positions has been growing so happy with that. Happy with how the market is, missed out on this but there will be many opportunities in the years to come, I hope haha. I don’t think the AI growth will stop here rather, it will be growing and might have just started. Looking forward to how the portfolio will look at 2H 2024. Q2 portfolio update coming soon.

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