Sunday 7 July 2024

Q2 Portfolio | Hitting all time highs, portfolio reaches almost $150,000, should I be realigning proportions?

Q2 has been exciting, with ETH ETFs more than halfway through, Tesla AGM, Nvidia stock split and the AI narrative still going strong, the markets has been looking good although stocks and crypto holdings in my portfolio has been very volatile.

When the markets hit ATH and gets more and more expensive, I do think if it is time to continue to DCA in as there might be a sudden black swan event or downturn where it will be more worth to dump my funds in. Or should I be realigning some positions, taking profits and putting it somewhere else?


Stocks have rebounded quite a bit for my portfolio. The portfolio was trailing behind due due to the poor performance of Tesla but it recently rebounded due to Tesla beating the estimates of car delivery and also on news of Germany Gigafactory approval for expansion and of course, it’s involvement in AI which many have upgraded it for as Tesla dabbles into many aspects of AI example, full self driving, Optimus, Dojo just to name a few. Overall, stocks have been gaining in value in the 2nd quarter. I am continuing to DCA-ing into CSPX and doing just that.


Crypto has been on a rollercoaster, we found ourselves looking to go up and up but we saw a decline as well. We are looking forward to the ETH ETF and that has provided a good support for Ethereum although Ethereum has not seen any huge propel in prices although it almost reached USD4000 and some are also predicting that there will not be an upside price action for it after the Ethereum ETF. This is because Ethereum is not easy to sell as Bitcoin to the institutions and looking at the data of Ethereum, it doesn’t look to be a good investment. We are hoping at an Ethereum ETF launch in early to mid July.

Also, crypto in early July met with a series of events like Mt Gox repayments and the German government selling Bitcoin, Bitcoin dropped to a low of 53,000 which is crazy as we were just celebrating huge wins in the crypto space. Well, that's how volatile the crypto market is.

Happened in July which is not Q2 but I recorded my portfolio value late so writing about it now. I did buy some Ethereum at below 3000 USD and at about 56,000USD for BTC. Wanted to just take the chance to accumulate at lower price, was not a large buy and not at the exact bottom but I am okay with that. For now, I am not looking to load on crypto and am just holding on to existing positions.

Syfe REIT+

REITs haven’t been performing great lately and it did drop further as well. Nothing much with the price action in Syfe REIT+ as a few REITs also experience some pullback. Nothing much here but just a small DCA-ing amount is being put in. I am planning to contribute till the end of the year and will stop it. This is the current plan but no concrete plans in place as things could still change along the way.


Portfolio has been hit ATH, feels like I am not investing as much as I want to be but does feel like the market is very optimistic and excited towards the 2nd half of the year, where there are expected rate cuts and it being an election year, stock market has usually performed well in an US election year so I do feel the FOMO feeling whenever I am not maximising my investments in but currently, I am taking a step back and enjoying a little by increasing my spending to enjoy.

The total portfolio hit near $150,000 this quarter and I can really see the effects of compounding after hitting the $100,000 back in the end of December, it could also be due to me holding more risk on assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tesla, even the majority holdings of my index funds are in QQQ.

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I am investing more in CSPX to balance out the overall risk appetite of the portfolio although I don’t think it does much as the Magnificant 7 still has a large proportion but it does include more broader industries so just adding that at the moment . Not taking profits yet nor diverting funds anywhere although I did have the thought for it.

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